Camp Kingfisher

The PCP spent last week reveling nature, discovery, camaraderie and play at the Chattahoochee Nature Center’s Camp Kingfisherphoto (22)This year, we signed up for the Rolling on the River experience where campers explore the Chattahoochee River and its inhabitants, wade through wetlands and discover their significance, and learn about the importance of water conservation.  Camp days are overflowing with animals, activities, team building, nature hikes, arts and crafts, field games, swimming and canoeing.   By the end of the week, the PCP had:

  • passed the deep end swim test and earned a bracelet denoting such
  • brought not only a trash free lunch, but two trash free snacks each and every day
  • learned how to prepare a canoe for a trip on the lake and then successfully took it for a spin on three occasions
  • spent time exploring the Nature Exchange and selected a rock to bring home
  • learned loads of silly camp songs and some good old fashioned pastimes like hand clapping games and four square
  • brought home a series of … um … interesting art projects
  • made a few new friends

  This was our second year in attendance and I have no doubt we’ll be back next year for another unforgettable adventure! xoxo

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