Pin Board Frame with Printable {Porch Projects}

I’ve had this wooden plaque from AC Moore hanging out in my craft closet for months on end.  So, I carted it down to Savannah, along with my chalk paint and waxes to finally make use of it.  When I saw a board painted with “Today I’ll be Happier than a Bird with a French Fry” in Seaside Sisters down at Tybee, I knew then and there that it was the perfect contender for my plaque and would make a fantastic addition to the new porch!

July 2012 184 copy

You’ll need:

– A piece of wood

– Upholstery tacks

– Picture or saying

– Paint and supplies

– Plate or book stand for displaying on a table or picture hanger to hang

June 2012 529 1. Paint your board.  I used Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue with both clear and dark waxes.

2. Center your picture and adhere at the four corners with the upholstery tacks.  If you want to use mine, download it for FREE here!

Happier than a Bird

3. Swap out your picture as the fancy strikes!  Here’s my 4th of July version…

July 2012 013 copy

I bought the board with a 40% off coupon too long ago to remember how much I paid, but I am certain this whole project cost me under $10.

Happy crafting, y’all!


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  1. Very cute. Can you tell me more about the map those items are sitting on. A framed map? Table? Tray? Thanks. Suzi

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