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The minute I spied this kitchen cart in an Ikea preview I knew then and there that it had to be mine.  After months and MONTHS of stalking the Atlanta store (and waaaay too many Swedish meatballs) I finally scored my very own scrumptiously turquoise Raskog last week!  Cookie and Bird helped me put it together and I stocked it with our at-home school supplies.  All this is perfect timing because along with the first grade came our first year of homework. *womp womp*

August 2012 564 copy

August 2012 563 August 2012 562 August 2012 560
While big brother is away, the baby has loved playing with his supplies.  It’s been so nice to roll this into the kitchen and set him up while I make lunch, empty the dishwasher, prep for dinner and tackle all sorts of other glamorous chores.
August 2012 553
And after school, the PCP has everything he needs right there.  We keep his homework packet and sight words for the week in the top basket.
August 2012 565 August 2012 566

Best of all, it rolls right into the coat closet at the end of the night.
August 2012 551 copy
And, lest you think it’s all work and no play around these parts, rest assured that we still make plenty of time for lots of things like this…
August 2012 572

…he is only six years old, after all :-)


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6 thoughts on “Homework Cart

  1. I've been admiring that same cart for a while now, too! I love the color and shape. Did you know you can check inventory of your exact Ikea online? I have been doing this for my Charlotte store–it can save you some trips :)

  2. Lucky!!! I have been trying to find that cart, its SO hard to find. Virginia and Charlotte IKEAs haven't had it. I am jealous, you used it perfectly, I was thinking along the same lines. I will just keep looking and hope its in stock one of these days :)

  3. Very cool idea. I saw the same cart in the catalog and loved the color, but I wasn't sure how to use it.

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