Monogrammed Canvas

The minute that The Nester’s monogrammed canvas popped up on my Pinterest feed, I knew then and there that it was the perfect piece for my guest bathroom.  (Picture from The Nester)

You see, I had a large space of wall to fill and not a whole lot to spend!  I already owned the large canvas (24″x30″) from a previous DIY painting project gone bad so all I needed was the monogram.

After scouring the internet for the lowest possible price, I ended up ordering the 18” white vine connected monogram from Scrappin Plus on etsy.  With shipping, it rang up at $32 – pretty cheap compared to prices upwards of $75 that I’d seen on other sites.  It arrived about a week later and, after rubbing some sand paper over the edges, I gave it a good coat of Annie Sloan’s duck egg blue chalk paint.  This took quite a long time to get all the little curves and crevices, but was well worth it!

Honey used a little trim paint (Benjamin Moore White Dove) left over from the porch and gave my canvas two nice coats. 

After both the monogram and canvas were dry, he used a super glue to put the two together.  We let it set overnight and then propped it up on the floor for another day to make sure it wasn’t going to fall off.  (It didn’t and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon!)
July 2012 284 copy July 2012 286 copyThis was the last thing in the guest room so I’ll be doing the reveal real soon!

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38 thoughts on “Monogrammed Canvas

  1. i can't wait to show this to my daughter…she wants to get their monogram for their bedroom and this looks perfect…i love the way yours turned out!

  2. You amaze me each and every day with your creativity and eloquent words. I so enjoy and look forward to visiting your blog everyday and get quite bummed when there is not a new post (no pressure!). Everything you touch is golden and I love your style (all the way around). Thank you for posting such wonderful photos and words. Have a BLESSED day!!!

  3. LOVE those monograms!! And, I'm totally envisioning them in my girls rooms in the near future (assuming they don't tell me they are too old for monograms!) If I can't make them wear them anymore, at least they can hang on their walls, right? :)

  4. It turned out perfectly! Love monograms!!! Thanks for sharing it! When you have a chance, visit over at my blog….I'm a monogram gal!

  5. OK Im ordering one now my question is, Did you use your own name as monogram like first middle and last or what did you do? Just curious :)

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