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I mentioned it the other day and just have to know…are y’all watching Revolution?  I mean, it is SO fantastic.  The show is already so chocked full of twists and turns that all I can really tell you is that in the pilot, the all technology – think computers, cars, plains, phones, electricity, everything – is suddenly and permanently blacked out.  The story then jumps forward to 15 years after the blackout.  Cities fall, government crumbles, and people struggle to survive.  It’s intriguing, it’s suspenseful, and it’s a total nail biter.  And all the while I just can’t stop thinking what if this really did happen???

So that’s my plug for the day.  I am really trying to drum up some interest because I swear that every show I get into seems doomed for failure.  Reunion, American Dreams, Sunset Beach, Gilmore Girls, Guiding Light – I could go on for days – all no more.  I mean, even Gossip Girl is nearing its end. There’s plenty of time to catch up online before the third episode airs on Monday night!  (The added bonus is that this saves me from the football that Honey is inevitably tuned in to each and every Monday night.) xoxo

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3 thoughts on “Must See TV

  1. Great show and scary as it is I feel like in our lifetime it could happen!…. But that's a whole mother topic :) do you watch Revenge??!! Soo good, love anything in the Hamptons! Have a great weekend!

  2. This pilot was filmed in Atlanta! My husband was one of the sword fighters :) He's the guy who jumps of the balcony and tackles…that main guy. (I'll admit, I only watched his scene, I'm a proud "stunt-wife"!)

    Glad you're liking it!!

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