We whiled away our Friday night “glamping” at the club.  Golf carts picked us up at the car and carried us to the fairway, a buffet and bar were open well into the night, a giant movie screen entertained the littles, two bonfires were alit for roasting s’mores and drinking hot chocolate and a hot breakfast was waiting in the morn.  If one must camp, I can’t think of a better way to do it!

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When we arrived back home in the morning, Honey entertained the littles AND did the laundry while I took the nap he insisted on in one of those twist my arm type scenarios.  When I asked why the royal treatment, he matter-of-factly proclaimed “You slept in a TENT, Honey.  And you didn’t complain.”  I had no idea that was all it would take to have a whole Saturday off and get the laundry done!  I suspect you’ll be seeing more camping posts from here on out :-)


PS. Excuse the blurry pics.  My brand new iPhone clearly has a camera problem and my regular camera is in the shop.  As soon as I have a decent photo taking device I’ll be sharing pics of the baby’s FINISHED room!!

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  1. Ha! That first comment made me laugh because I did that too. I popped my case on after the Verizon person handed me the phone and for the life of me could not figure out what was wrong with it! So glad I am not the only one that has happened to!

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