GT Homecoming

While the game itself left much to be desired, it didn’t put the slightest damper on 3/4 of our family’s Georgia Tech homecoming fun!  (Y’all have likely figured out that the odd man out in that equation is Honey…and that he was more than disappointed in his team’s performance.)  We arrived crazy early and spent hours tailgating with the oldest and best of friends.  It was impossible not to marvel at all the darling littles running around, and at how we’ve all stayed connected over the last *cough* fifteen years. 
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After the game Honey and the PCP headed over to the SAE house for a while and then made a little stop by the ZTA house.  John was more upset by the fact that UGA won than that GT lost, but we ended the day with our standard “if you had fun you won” mantra.  And have fun we did indeed!
photo 1 (15) photo 2 (17)

Before I jet off to get the littles ready for mass, I want to say just how much each and every one of your comments on my Deen Team post yesterday means to me.  I read and reread every single one.  And then I read them again to Honey with a tear in my eye and a squeak in my voice.  I am humbled and grateful and flattered and thankful.  This blog writing thing has been one incredible journey!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


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6 thoughts on “GT Homecoming

  1. My hubs was upset too…as he put it, Didn't they know they are supposed to WIN on homecoming. I assured him that they must not have gotten the memo. After yesterday, I am dreading the Tech-Ga game at Thanksgiving. Loved seeing your Homecoming pictures, GO TECH!!

  2. Anna – the top is Lilly Pulitzer – I think the pattern is fancy feast – and the jeans are the rockstar skinnies from old navy (if you buy online they recommend going up 2 sizes). I bought them in green too because they were on sale for $18 a couple of weeks ago! Thanks for asking :-)

  3. your outfit it too cute and i love what i can see of your bracelets….

    …i'm not even gonna comment on my beloved auburn tigers…it's just so sad

  4. Love your charm bracelet…is it Tiffany? I've already placed the gold knot earrings on my Christmas list but this bracelet might have to make the list too:)

    Have a great one!

  5. Thanks Amanda…thought that was Lilly! Love it! My 14 year old wears the rock stars in a double 0…she loves them…I would love to share them but no such luck after 3 kids!!! Love your blog! Happy Halloween to you and your family!!

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