Seven Years Young

It sounds cliché, but it seems like yesterday that I was at Emory Hospital birthing eight pounds of joy two weeks before his scheduled arrival.  I marvel each and every day at how on earth I could be so lucky as to call this child my own.  It is such a tremendous gift to love him, protect him, dote on him and to show him the ways of the world.  He’s precious, he’s as smart as a whip, he’s strong willed, he’s abundantly self confident, he’s a loyal friend, he’s energetic (bordering on wild), he’s dramatic, he’s a leader (or ringleader as I like to call it these days), and I love him with all my heart.  I have enjoyed these last seven years more than any in my life, and I pray that I am blessed with at least seventy more with him :-) 
John Age 7 copy
The birthday boy awoke to a bunch of balloons tied to the end of his bed.  I love for their first waking moments on their special days to be special!
November 2012 778 copy
We started our day at the crack of dawn with our requisite birthday pancakes (Honey makes their name and age on their birthdays) and hot chocolate from the hot chocolate station.  Per usual, I read from his Happy Birthday book and we had a grand old time before the sun was even up.
November 2012 789 copy
November 2012 786  November 2012 780 copy
November 2012 791 copy
November 2012 793 copy
November 2012 797
November 2012 798
Now, this is the first year that the PCP’s big day has fallen on a school day and he was BEYOND ecstatic!  The baby and I were also pretty thrilled to cart these birthday cake popcorn cups off to school.  The recipe is coming very soon!
November 2012 767 copy
We had so much fun watching the class sing to John in their special tradition – Mrs. B does the conductor arms and, at the birthday boy’s request, they added in “cha-cha-chas” and an “eat more chicken”.  Afterwards, they enjoyed the popcorn on the playground at recess.
November 2012 809 copy
November 2012 811 copy
November 2012 828 copy
At the birthday boy’s request we enjoyed a special dinner at the Japanese restaurant.  He was mighty proud of himself for catching the flying egg before anyone else at the table!
photo 4 (9)
And we ended the day by adding a SEVEN YEAR OLD mark on the growth chart.  I love this nook in our upstairs hallway and all the ages and stages it represents.
I think the PCP would agree that it was one pretty fabulous day.  Happy birthday, baby!

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12 thoughts on “Seven Years Young

  1. I can't believe he's already 7 either! Wow— time is flying! Love how you celebrated his day!! You are such a great mom, Amanda! And what a handsome little man John is becoming! xox

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! What a handsome guy you've got there and what a wonderful way to make him feel so special! :-)
    P.S. Amanda your Christmas house tour was seriously INCREDIBLE!! I have to go back and look at it all again because I almost couldn't take it all in. LOL! You rock!

  3. Happy 7th Birthday John. Looks like you had a very special day thanks to Mom & Dad. Can't wait to hear what your gift was….love the idea of "collectible" for when they are older vs. toys.


  4. LOVE your ideas on these special days, Amanda!! Thanks so much for sharing!! You are an incredible mom!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEE those monogrammed plates! Where did you get those???

  5. Loved how y'all celebrated PCP bday and made it so special for him. Those bday memories will last forever in his things that bring him JOY.
    Diana from Dallas

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