Honey and I were invited to attend a preview showing of Skyfall last night and really had the very best time!  I mean, I’m pretty sure the last movie I saw that wasn’t animated and rated PG was a year ago so I’m pretty much happy as a clam seeing anything targeted at adults.  The twenty-third flick in the 007 franchise and the third showing for Daniel Craig, I found the movie to be just as expected – full of action, suspense and steamy encounters.  And let’s face it, Daniel Craig is pretty easy on the eyes.  Honey felt that there weren’t nearly enough things exploding (classic man comment) but that it did a good job setting up story lines for future installments. 

I’m of the opinion that Bond never gets old!  Thank you, Daddy-O, for watching the littles!!

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5 thoughts on “Skyfall

  1. Totally agree about Daniel Craig. He is my favorite Bond, even over Sean Connery — I know that's almost blasphemous! Seriously, DC can make my "sky fall" any old time…!

  2. I think the last movie I have seen at the theatre was The Help! I may have to check this one out, but I prefer less action-style movies. TGIF, my friend. xo

  3. I love the Bond movies! I cannot wait to see Skyfall…Daniel Craig has done an awesome job as James…cool, suave, handsome, tough, funny…all the things Bond should be. But for me, Sean will always be "the" Bond. "Ohhh, James." :)

  4. OOH! Going tonight with my teen guys for the midnight show. So exciting. I am a Bond fanatic and DC is my favourite after Sean Connery (of course). Glad you got a night out, those are needed.

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