A Birthday Top 12 for 12.12.12

From sun up to sun down, we spent our day celebrating Whit in a dozen different ways!  That he made it here in spite of an arduous and worrisome pregnancy is a true miracle, and ended up foreshadowing the persistent, self-sufficient and incredibly loving child that’s sweetly slumbering down the hall four years later.  He’s quick witted, smart as a whip, crazy athletic, and incredibly independent.  I can’t help but laugh when he laughs and his smile literally lights up the room.  “Nuggling” him in bed each morning is invariably some of the most precious moments of my day, and I can hardly bear to think of a time when he outgrows this ritual.  This is the child that eats anything and everything – having three breakfasts each morning is standard and sampling things like sardines at Costco or sushi at dinner is not unexpected.  He is tender hearted, he is fearless, he’s quick to laugh and he’s always ready to help.  I prayed for this child like I’ve never prayed for anything in my life. And I love him today with all of my life. Whit Age 4 Here’s a round-up of the baby’s birthday top 12 for 12.12.12! 1. Waking up to birthday balloons at the foot of his bed December 2012 080 2. The requisite W Family pancake birthday breakfast December 2012 045  December 2012 051 December 2012 055 3. A brand new work bench laden with all sorts of power tools December 2012 082 4. Lunch at “Chick el a”, a milkshake treat and a super sweet employee that delivered a balloon and goodie bag to the table (only at Chick fil A!) photo 2 5. Taking a long afternoon nap on the sofa with Mommy (of which I don’t have a picture but can assure you was also the highlight of my day)   6. An impromptu Cha Cha Slide dance party with cousin Bird, brother, Mommy and Mimi too photo 3 7. Birthday kid’s choice for supper – Japanese hibachi, of course December 2012 092   December 2012 096 December 2012 097 8. Blowing out the special #4 candle he picked for himself while we all sang happy birthday December 2012 088  9. Dazzling us with a chopstick concert (in a nearly empty restaurant with just one other party well across the room)

10. Adding a notch on the growth chart (the baby’s 4 year mark is exactly where the PCP’s 4.5 year mark was!) photo 1 (27) photo 2 (27) 11. The annual reading of Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday To You book  photo 2 (26) 12. And falling asleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed photo 1 (25) Happy birthday, baby! xoxo

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7 thoughts on “A Birthday Top 12 for 12.12.12

  1. what a beautiful child! you're going to have to beat the girls off with a bat when he gets older :) he has changed so much since i first started reading your blog two years ago. my youngest just turned four and it's amazing how quickly the lose that "baby" look. i'm holding onto 4 with a death grip!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! He is just about the most precious child ever! You can see his spirit in his smile. My little guy won't take a nap without being able to "snuggle mommy" first. I sure hope we're still doing that when he's 4.

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