Disney Day 6: Fantasyland Grand Opening + Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

We were at the park bright and early for extra magic hours on this special day!!  The Magic Kingdom was literally abuzz with excitement over the grand opening show.  While the baby and I planned to soak up everything around the new Fantasyland and secure great spots for the show, Honey and the PCP ran off to fight evil villains in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game that launched earlier this year.

Disney December 2012 590

Just as soon as we split up, the baby and I were asked to be part of a small group to stand behind Gaston and ooh and ahh over his muscles for a live Good Morning America segment.  We were whisked back to a private press area and couldn’t believe our luck!!  There were cameras and characters everywhere and it was SO much fun to be in the middle of the action.

Disney December 2012 592
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Sister caught this pic of us on the news!  I’m in the left corner behind Gaston.  But where is the baby, you ask?  He was “too tired” to stand up and participate.

After my five minutes of fame, we bee lined for the castle to get a front row seat behind the VIP section, of course.  Jordan Sparks did an amazing job and it was so special to be there in the middle of it all!

Disney December 2012 596

Disney December 2012 600
Disney December 2012 601  Disney December 2012 604  Disney December 2012 606

Disney December 2012 608
Disney December 2012 611

After the show, the baby and I hit loads more of his favorite rides.

Disney December 2012 612
A preview of the Rapunzel tower…
Disney December 2012 613

All this time, the big boys were off fighting evil.  They love love love the collectible cards and had so much fun hunting out these disks and casting spells to defeat Disney’s must loathsome villains.  They completed level 1 and haven’t stopped talking about it yet!



We met up for a late lunch at Sleepy Hollow and were able to catch the show at the castle from our seats.  This ended up being another favorite quick serve eatery – everything is wrapped in belgium waffles.  So bad…but so very good!
Disney December 2012 617

Disney December 2012 615  mk6

On our way out, the baby asked to see Mickey one more time and we could hardly say no…
Disney December 2012 619 
Disney December 2012 625

For the last jaunt of the trip, we took the ferry to Hollywood Studios.
Disney December 2012 627
Disney December 2012 628
Disney December 2012 630

The cast members we ate with in Germany told us that there would be a preview of the new Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Hollywood Studios and we knew the boys would love it.  While the ship and little room you stand in was fantastically elaborate, we weren’t impressed with the attraction that was really just a short movie reel that you watched while standing up in a massive crowd.
Disney December 2012 631
Disney December 2012 632
Disney December 2012 634

And since we were right near Wreck It Ralph and didn’t get to see him on day 1, we ended our trip with hugs from a new favorite!!  (Note, they don’t sign with those big hands.)
Disney December 2012 640
Disney December 2012 643

So long, Disney World!!!  We can’t wait for our next trip!!

Disney December 2012 644

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  1. I love your posts! So detailed and descriptive. Sounds like all the planning and doing you put into the Disney trip was well worth it. One question – who or what is PCP? I've seen that in several of your posts and am curious.

  2. Hi there – I just started reading your blog and love reading about your Disney World adventures. Me and my family are going back in November and I am unfamiliar with the villians program with the discs and cards that you guys did. Can you tell me what that program is called? Thanks!

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