Messages from Mickey {2012 Edition}

One of our favorite magical memories from last year’s trip was Messages from Mickey.  We saved a bundle of money on souvenirs as whenever we passed a store we just reminded the littles that Mickey would be picking out a treat especially for them each day! 
Like last year, the littles will receive a note and gift from the world’s most revered mouse (tucked into their stockings this time) on each morning of our stay.  Now, if I do say so myself, Mother absolutely outdid herself on these stockings!  And to think I had planned to make them on my own :-)  (Thank goodness for that miscommunication, as mine were going to be constructed of burlap and fabric glue.) 
November 2012 663 copy
November 2012 665 copy
I sized the notecards at 4″x6″ so that they’ll fit right in our Disney memory books, and used the same Brady Bunch and Waltograph fonts from the signature books and matching game
November 2012 668 copy
Day 1 – Stuffed Mickey (to go on and get that out of the way), Mickey candy cane (box set at Publix) and Mickey juice bottle ($2ish at WalMart)
November 2012 670 copy
Day 2: Coloring book and sticker set ($1 at Party City), silly bands ($1 on clearance at Party City) and lollipop (left over from July 4th party)
November 2012 673 copy 
Day 3: Mickey bubbles ($1 from Party City) and lollipop (WalMart lucky find)November 2012 681 copy
Day 4: Giant Mickey cookie (not yet bagged because I just pulled them out of the freezer…I made them with leftover dough from the PCP’s bowling pin cookies), Mickey ornament (purchased set of 4 from Disney Store in July for $4) and hand warmers (Target dollar bin)
November 2012 684 copy
I painted their names on the back with white paint pen.
November 2012 679 copy 
Day 5: Perry the Platypus PJs (clearance from Disney Store this summer) and Perry fruit snacks (can’t recall where I picked these up)November 2012 688 copy
Day 6: Mickey lollipops (WalMart again) and deck of cards (Dollar Tree) – this is also the day the note will say they can pick out their favorite souvenir from the park
November 2012 693 copy
I’m beyond excited to be doing this again.  Alas, it does take pre-planning, but it was SO worth it to see the magic on their faces first thing every  morning!


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8 thoughts on “Messages from Mickey {2012 Edition}

  1. Everything looks so cute! I wish our local Walmart had those huge Mickey lollipop's. Your little's are going to love their messages from Mickey!

  2. So much fun! I had a blast getting things together for my boys in October, and they never knew it was me! (I had the first bags delivered when we were out, so we arrived back to the room and there they were!) Still wondering who they thought was bringing them!! :) the stockings are amazing!

  3. I love this! Too cute! You are such a fun mom! Wonderful memories! I look forward to your blog everyday! I even still a few ideas! Enjoy your trip!

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