Minute To Win It Holiday Party + TONS of Free Printables

At the meeting I had with the PCP’s teacher to discuss holiday party planning back in November, I came armed with an Oriental Trading catalog thoughtfully earmarked with a few fun crafts I hoped to order and call it a day.  She, on the other hand, came armed with the seemingly crazy idea to have a Minute to Win It themed party… something I’d never even heard of.  As soon as I got past my “seriously? how am I going to pull off Thanksgiving, two class birthday parties, two regular birthday parties, a week in Disney World, Christmas preparations, a baby shower AND this minute to win it themed hootenanny in the next twenty-eight days” dismay, I popped in on Pinterest and had a plan in no time flat.  The pre-freak out was totally worth it because the classroom was exploding with pure JOY for one last fun-filled super crazy hour before the long holiday break!!!

I enlisted a great crew to help set up before hand, including Honey and his mama JuJu.  Mrs. B. took the class out for thirty minutes while we hung a gazillion glittering snowflakes from the ceiling, decked the tables with festive cloths and set up the stations.  A “Minute to Win It – Holiday Style!” sign greeted them at the door and “Melted Snowman” water bottles (with their names on the backs) were ready at their seats.  They absolutely worked up a thirst at this party!

December 2012 092

December 2012 052

December 2012 045

The littles were divided into six groups of four to rotate through the six stations. There are never a shortage of parent volunteers and the party was no exception.  We had four Minute to Win It stations, a cupcake station and a craft station.  Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about a first grade holiday party…

Minute to Win It: Jingle Bell Rock

See how many jingle bells you can dance out of a tissue box in one minute!

December 2012 040

Minute to Win It: Snow Throw

See how many marshmallows you can successfully throw into a bucket on your friend’s head – in one minute!

MinuteToWinIt1  December 2012 080

Minute to Win It: Snow Ball Bounce

Using a snowman paddle (white paper plate with snowman face), try to keep the snow ball (balloon) off the ground for one minute!


December 2012 061

Minute to Win It: Wrap Race

In one minute, wrap your classmate in toilet paper and top with a scarf and hat to look like a snowman!

December 2012 039 December 2012 112

Snow Much Fun: Sticky Snowman

I ordered this cute craft kit from Oriental Trading so that they’d have a little something to take home.

December 2012 048


Snow Much Fun: Cupcake Creations

Ice your cupcake to look like a snowman, with chocolate chip eyes and mouth and a candy corn nose.  Then EAT IT!

December 2012 041  December 2012 063

The class left with a few of our favorite party favors – Snowman Soup and Frosty the S’moreman Kits!  You can get the instructions and free printables here!!

December 2012 042

December 2012 043

Nearly everything was purchased at the Dollar Tree and Kroger out of our class funds and Mrs. B will have all the basics ready for next year.  And if any of y’all are crazy enough to attempt this for your holiday party (it would be great for a family or adults too!), I have all the free printables available for download here.  There are also blank cards in the event that you come up with your own fun games, and instructions for each of mine are on the backs of the table tents.

Minute To Win It Holiday Style

The Melted Snowman water bottle labels would be darling for any sort of winter party.  You can download those free here!

Melted Snowman Water Bottle Labels

At the end of the hour, we presented Mrs. B with a class gift – a tree decorated with LOADS AND LOADS of gift cards!  Families were given the option to contribute a gift card in any amount to any store from their child.  It was easy for them and she was pretty darn thrilled!

December 2012 107

As we were wrapping up the soiree, I got the biggest bear hug from my very favorite first grader with a joyful proclamation that “it was the very best party EVER, Mommy!!!”  I tell you what, going into the school for the first time since last Friday was not easy – my heart immediately dropped and I had to choke back the tears.  A school should be a sacred place where we nurture and raise our most prized possessions.  More than anything, I think I needed this party to start to put the joy and happiness back into the thought of school for me.

Now, I’m about to settle in for a long winter’s nap.  Ah… who am I kidding?  I’ve got two darling littles home for the next 2.5 weeks!


21 thoughts on “Minute To Win It Holiday Party + TONS of Free Printables

  1. Um, I sometimes wish that my boys were 5 years younger so I could be doing all your wonderful ides :). (I do a lot of them, but sometimes my kids think I'm crazy!!). And when pray tell do you sleep?
    Well done! Looks like fun. I may bring some of theses ideas to a get together with friends tonight :)

  2. I love every single thing Amanda. I may copy for a Christmas gathering with my grands and niece and nephew. Thanks!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Wow! Love the ideas – it looks like an amazing party! Kind of wish I could go back in time to our class parties and try some of these! Mrs. B. is one lucky teacher!


  4. That is such a great idea! I was the room mother for both of my girls for many years and so enjoyed planning the parties. Love the tree idea as well. My daughter received a wreath from the cheer squad she coaches, (flat wooden) with clothespins glued around, painted green and tied with a bow. Each clothespin held a gift card.

  5. You are amazing! What a fun party!! My kids are all teeanagers, but my favorite teacher of all time still teaches 1st grade – may have to offer her some fun next year. Thanks for sharing such fun!!

  6. What a fun fun party! I have a question for you, did the stations with the games get done faster than the cupcake station? Did you have to have an extra activity for the game stations or did the timing work out pretty evenly? I am going to be doing this party next year for sure, thanks for all the ideas and cute printables!!!

  7. I love this idea for a class party. I am filing it away for next year! I planned my kindergarteners party this year and we did stations with a craft, snack and game. So much fun. But next year, minute to win it would be perfect.
    We did a group gift for the teacher but I also love the gift card tree.
    Thanks for sharing your fun ideas. Merry Christmas!

  8. I just had to pop on back and let you know that we played 3 of the games at some friends last night. Kids and grownups alike had a blast! :) Thanks!!

  9. Love, love, love your party ideas. You totally rock. Please let us know what you plan on doing for the Valentine's Day party, too. Love the gift card tree. You are lucky to receive so much class participation.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Jen – I have NO idea what we'll do for Valentine's Day, though I have heard rumors that 1st grade does a Q-U Wedding Valentine's Party. I have NO idea what that means :-) xo

    1. No, the opening faced out. So the ribbon was looped through two slits in the bottom of the box and super-secured with duct tape. The bottom was against the kids' backs. The opening faced out from their body. Hard to explain…

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