A Resolution

The W family is on the brink of its very own sort of fiscal cliff – Honey has decided to become our household CFO after ten years of turning his head on pretty much all expenditures.  I suppose it’s time…  *wipes tear from eye*

With this in mind and considering all of the “things” I’ve stashed away because they were 1) too good of a deal, 2) something I’d totally need “one day” or 3) all of the above, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy and one resolution for 2013 –


– To evaluate everything I buy and ensure it has a specific and immediate purpose (which will also help tremendously when Honey starts logging on to check the amex)

– To evaluate everything I commit myself and my family to doing/going/supporting/etc (I have always taken my role as guardian of our family calendar seriously but fear it may get out of hand as the baby is on the brink of having is own friends and activities)

– To evaluate everything stashed away in a closet or cabinet to ensure it’s something we truly need (you know, so I don’t go all hoarders over the years)

I haven’t made resolutions in eons but I’m pretty darn thrilled to be back in the saddle.  There are many good things to come in 2013!!! 

(As a side note, I’m proclaiming this resolution to the “world” while under the lingering haze of nighttime cold meds.  UGH.  Please excuse any ramblings that don’t quite make sense.)

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25 thoughts on “A Resolution

  1. Love it! I resolved that for each item I brought into our cottage I would take something out. It works! I have cut the clutter and only purchase things I love/need since something else has to go in it's place. Good luck with your resolution and Happy New Year : o )

  2. Hopefully you turn things over in so convoludded of a manner that Honey gets frustrated and gives it back ;) Going to call you this week – need to chat about something.

  3. Great word, and way to approach the New Year. 2011 we chose Simplify, and we did A LOT! 2012 was Quality, quality over quantity. This year we will continue with both and also add in "intentional", being more thoughtful of things we do and bring into this house.

  4. I really like this post. You are just like the rest of us and that's a good thing! Most of us want it all, but sometimes we need to make limits: on time, money, and outside commitments. It's okay to re-ealuate life's real priorities. Don't let money become an issue with your husband. You have a beautiful life and we all have the same obstacles! PS I was my son's room mom at school for 4 years until another mom pleaded for the job. I was shocked because I was a stay at home mom and she worked full time. Well, it was the best thing that ver happened. Parties became more fun, I brought whatever I wanted, and felt more appreciated when I came to help. You have so much to give…give to your family first. You are soooo blessed and I really enjoy your posts!

  5. Love it! Oh but I hate when I get "the talk" about the credit card bill. I always try to blame it on groceries. Every year about this time I'm ready to deal with my hoarding issues so I'm with you there. Good luck! Happy New Year!

  6. Funny enough, this is my resolution too! A psychologist would have a "field day" with all of the "stuff" I have in closets waiting for "some day" :) You are not alone sister :) Here's to a less cluttered and carefully edited 2013!

  7. Hubby and I just had the "goals for home" talk. And while it does pain me a little, he is right. It will not matter how pretty my dinning room looks if we don't fix some to the "issues" Sandy left us with.

    Good for you for! I am sure all of your evaluating will be well worth it!

  8. Ugh! We've been hit with the sick bug too :( Feel better! And what a good resolution. We have something similar happening here. Sigh.

  9. I made a similar resolution but put it under one blanket term: "Spend Wisely"…it's a mantra I've got on repeat in my head…is this a WISE way to spend our family's dollars? I resisted the blow-out Lilly sale today, if that shows you how it's working so far! I took a ton of upscaled clothes, bags and shoes to consignment in an effort to pare down. Sometimes, "enough" really is "enough"-I have enough stuff. Just because it's a good deal doesn't mean it's a wise purchase!

  10. my husband is the CFO and it's a good thing b/c i've been known to go a little crazy buying things…every month about the time the credit card bill comes in i slow down! (LOL)

    here's an idea: one time my daddy was going to put my brother on a budget…daddy bought a ledger and made columns for my brother to write down his expenses…at the end of each week daddy would review the ledger…the first friday there was nothing in any of the columns my daddy made but my brother made one called "O&E" where everything was listed…when asked what O&E stood for my brother said "Odds & Ends"…that's the column I need!

  11. My hubby has been our "CFO" for many years…we discuss the "big" purchases..but I must tell you that I make many "little" ones that add up to a "big" one…after the last "after Christmas" sale purchase, i said enough…done…I like you, have many thinks in the "closet" to get to…love your resolution…and hope you feel better..I am under the influence of cold meds too…have not had one in years!!…

  12. The beginning of the year is the best time to try to reign in spending. We are all tired of spending after the holidays anyway. We moved into a new house last summer and I keep finding myself out buying new things when the closets are full of things I already love. I'm with ya!

  13. This is bad news for your followers! I hate to be all "Debbie downer", but if he is doing his accounting now…well…it could mean fewer posts and fewer accessories! Surely you have planned for this doom and have stashed enough goodies away!!! Did he watch "Christmas with the Kranks??? ;-). LOL

  14. Great word for the year! I wanted to let you know I'm "borrowing" your idea for Pete the Pirate fairy! My 5 year old just lost his first tooth and I think he'll love this idea! Thanks! :)

  15. You know E gives me a mnthly allowance (he does 90% of the bills)….since I am a SAHM. But I also have access to the Amex. It's been like this for soo long that it doesn't bother me. LHG

  16. As for money –
    One of the best decisions we made when we got married was to setup multiple bank accounts and have our checks auto-draft into them. His, Hers, bills, taxes, car accounts, vacation, savings, etc. Seems silly and probably a little overkill, but we have never ever argued about money in the 10+ years we have been married. A real miracle given that we argue about absolutely everything else! :)

    When he spends $75 at a Brazilian Steak House for lunch, or $500 on a speaker cable it all comes out of his account and it's his money to do with what he pleases. I never see the statments and wouldn't even know if a friends' wife hadn't given me a hard time for "letting him" do it.

    I am also with you on the evaluating before buying anything else. A few months ago as I was sorting through various closets and trying to figure out what to do with a class set of Mickey stuff we will never use, and dozens of left over cars toolboxes and lunch boxes overbought for the kids' last birthday party it really hit me how much junk I had accumulated and really needed to stop. Since then (other than one trip at Christmas that neetted ANOTHER white platter from Homegoods, and 2 foofy white euro shams from Marshalls) I have tried to only buy what I really need or have immediate use for.

    I was quite proud of myself at Christmas for passing up all the after Christmas sales I would have jumped on in years past.

  17. I hope you are feeling better. Good luck with your resolution and welcome to my world! My husband handles the finances so I am constantly trying to negotiate things with him. Hopefully your husband will be a little more flexible than mine! Either way, I am sure with your creativity, you will come up with some great ideas!

  18. I hope this did not go into effect until AFTER you shopped the Lilly New Year's Sale! :) And, I think Sister's Baby Girl needs that Lilly Easter basket!

  19. Weel I love the idea of having a word aas a direction for the year. In the past I've used thrive, choose, ecperience, grace and this year open. Your word is fantastic!
    as for the other, I totally get it. we are facing a few difficult conversations this weekend. We also each have our own accounts that a certain amount goes into each month. Mine is mine to spend however I see fit. No questions asked. When it comes to that it really works well it keeps me from "embezzeling" from the househouse acoount. Give it a shot!

  20. Evaluate – I think that is a great resolution. You have such creativity and a great eye for decorating and I can't wait to see your ideas even on a budget.


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