Things That Keep Me Up At Night

I know it’s no secret that I can be a little hyperactive.  I don’t require a lot of sleep and I rarely sit still.  Sometimes I just can’t turn my mind off at night.  (A problem the PCP purports to have as well…although I think it’s one of his many stalling techniques.)  So, in the midst of a Nyquil induced haze on Thursday night, this thought randomly popped into my head “Why have we never changed the batteries in our smoke detectors?” 

Which led to – Detectors?  Do we even have more than one? 

     Didn’t I read somewhere that they only last eight to ten years? 

          OMG this forty year old wooden thing is probably going to burn to the ground in our   


And then I was out.  Just like that.

So Honey dutifully headed out today a purchased new smoke detectors for each floor of the house.  We only had ONE in our three story house (including the basement) and had no idea how long it had been here.  We bought one with a carbon monoxide detector to replace the old one in the upstairs bedroom hallway.  And we installed new ones on the main level and in the basement.  (And by “we” I totally mean “he.”)
I thought this was a good article about smoke alarm types and placements.  After a little research, we went with the slightly more expensive options that have a built in 10-year battery life.  And, as if y’all aren’t already bored to tears, I’m going to go ahead and over-share and let y’all know that we also keep a fire extinguisher in our kitchen and garage, and a fire escape ladder under the bed in our master in the event that we weren’t able to use the stairs.

So now y’all know the sort of things that keep me up at night.  Thankfully, the topic is usually much lighter – ie. should I shower in the morning or try a new furniture arrangement in the living room.

Now, I’ve got to go throw our lasagna in the oven and get ready for GaMe NiGhT before the Downton Abbey premiere!!!

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20 thoughts on “Things That Keep Me Up At Night

  1. Last year when I was LARGELY pregnant with numero dos we switched out our wood burning fireplace for gas logs (the horror! I know!). Because we made the switch I went into a panic about the gas, etc., etc. (I blame the hormones). I was up late worrying about it, too. We replaced both smoke detectors and made one a carbon monoxide detector as well. It has made me feel much better! I think you're supposed to check batteries when you switch your clocks with daylight savings but I never remember.

  2. I totally understand! One of ours started beeping today…time for a new battery. And, since we've had the house struck by lightening once already, I make sure those babies are working!!!

  3. I'm so sad to hear about Ron! I read his blog too and knew he had been sick but had no idea it was that bad! Have you heard anything about his condition tonight? Praying for him!!

  4. I am ridiculously and totally addicted to Downton Abby. It's pathetic actually. I've been really mad at the writers for not allowing Mathew and Mary to get together. Then cried like a little girl when he FINALLY proposed. This was all in front of my husband and 12 year old (yes I've sucked them both in as well!!) My son who likes NONE of our shows, tells us he thinks DA is "very dramatic and quite believable". In the spirit of full disclosure, I used to laugh at people like me who allowed themselves to be so affected by TV. Ok, so apparently I've been humbled! Enjoy the show tonight! Can't wait.

  5. YAY, short and sweet and informative post!

    ~ TY for reminding me to purchase new alarms
    ~ Marty McFly and the travel counter…its suppose to read 2015 but if you look on google there are so many variations. 2013 vs 2015 is eons from the 80's any way you look at it
    ~ Watching Highclere castle right now

    Cyndy @ Cyndy's BEACH HOUSE

  6. I worked in insurance sales and service most of my life. I saw times when people died in house fires and I never saw a loss report when someone died in a home that had working smoke/fire alarms, so I definitely believe in them.FYI and you probably already know this, but most homeowners insurers give a credit on your home insurance policy premium for having a smoke alarm.

  7. I hate to add to your late night concerns, but we have a single-level home, and there is a smoke detector in each bedroom and one in each hallway and 2 separate carbon monoxide detectors. Just sayin'.

  8. New to your blog & love it. I don't want to get you worried or anything but in all new construction homes (in SC where I am) building codes require smoke detectors in each bedroom, and in the halls (where bedrooms are), and in stairwells. I just had to purchase more for our home because I was doing just that…couldn't go to sleep thinking that we need to change batteries & get more smoke detectors….I was about to hyperventilate thinking the house would burn down while we were sleeping.

    1. I know – I thought about putting them in the bedrooms and might later. Everything I read said if you sleep with doors closed then it is a must. We always sleep with them open. It also said you would want to have them in a bedroom with a tv or large electronics. We do have a tv in the master so it's something to consider for sure.

  9. Ha! Too funny! We had a smoke detector start beeping a couple of days ago, but it would only beep like once every hour so I could never figure out which one it was coming from! It was driving me crazy!

  10. Oh, you sound just like me! Thank goodness your Nyquil kicked in…I'd a been up all night with my mind racing from one thing to the other :)

    Some of our smoke detectors are electric and some battery. I know it's been a while so I'm off to go change some batteries……

  11. Your thoughts sound like mine! :) My mind just doesn't want to shut down and it's always been that way. Now, of course, I don't have the energy that I used to…or that you have.

    Great information ~ thanks for sharing!


  12. Well, this will not sit well with you then. Children will sleep through a fire alarm- for hours. Studies show young children sleeping for over 3 hours with a continual home smoke alarm going off. What will wake them up? Mom's voice. Which is why you can buy the ones now that you record your voice yelling at your children to wake, there is a fire. I don't sell or rep for them, either, just passing along the info :)

  13. Having raised 4 kiddos, I slept better at night knowing there were smoke alarms in every room plus hallways and even the garage. In case there ever was a fire, I wanted as much warning as possible. I like the idea of mom's voice coming out of the alarm. Might have used that one when they were teenagers to get 'em up in the mornings.

  14. A carbon monoxide detector is a slightly expensive security device, as it detects the presence of not just smoke but also carbon monoxide. This gas is often referred to as a “silent killer” since not a lot of people won’t be able to detect it without using technology. Installing one is a good security decision for a house.

    Odessa Hanton

  15. Good decision that you purchased an alarm that has a built-in 10-year battery life. That would give you peace of mind for the next decade. But I think you must still regularly check if it’s working properly or not. When doing this, include the entire alarm system that you installed in your home. It’s better to be sure than not, right?

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