Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Basket + Stirring Spoons

Like last year, the PCP is giving his teacher a little hot chocolate gift basket for a Valentine’s treat.  It’s really easy and affordable to pull together and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t like to get a basket of hot chocolate with all the fixins?!?!
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The red spoons, cups, napkins, marshmallows and basket are all from the Dollar Tree.  To make the little hot chocolate stirring spoons, melt a handful of chocolate candy melts in the microwave.  Spoon the melted chocolate into a zip top bag, snip one end and squirt into the spoons.  Use a knife to level, dot with sprinkles and chill until hardened.  Since I already had the candy melts, sprinkles and hot chocolate packets, the whole shebang cost me $6 for TWO baskets!
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Last year’s basket was a little different, but equally as cheap and cute :-)  We have a few spoons left to try ourselves, and I can’t think of a better snack on yet another rainy day!  (Other than the chocolate raspberry cake pops at Starbucks, that is.  Daddy-O bought them for the littles yesterday and I can’t seem to get the ONE bite the baby deigned to share off my mind…)

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10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Basket + Stirring Spoons

  1. That is an adorable idea that I must steal! I'm buying my man a tiller for Valentine's Day and feeling like it's similar to a guy buying his wife a vacuum cleaner for a special occasion. LOL Was looking for something a bit more personal to give as well and BINGO, you just solved that issue. Will make another for my college age daughter who lives in her own apartment and tuck a bit of cash in there.

  2. This idea is simply adorable and thoughtful, too! I know I would love to receive this as a gift. The chocolate dipped spoons look yummy!

  3. Imagine the (Dixie) Delight I had when one of my students brought their version of this in for me today!! They found it on pinterest and I was the lucky recipient. I recognized it immediately as I adore your blog. I'm a Yankee by birth, but my mama was So-Southern and my heart and soul are Southern, too. Love your posts! Wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine's Day!

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