Teacher Appreciation Week

We just had Teacher Appreciation Week at the PCP’s school.  The PTA does most of the leg work and coordinates something special each day.  Thursday was “supply day” and each class presented their teacher with a basket of supplies and other items from the teacher’s wish list.  A sweet mom in the PCP’s class went above and beyond and also organized a collection to have this sweet “I’m Special Today” chair painted for birthdays and other occasions.  Another mom provided the 31 Gifts tote, monogrammed with Mrs. B’s name, for the rest of the collected supplies.

photo 4 (20) copy

I expect she’ll have the sweet chair in her classroom for many years to come.  The students signed their names on the bottom with a paint pen and were thrilled to give it to Mrs. B!

photo 1 (28) 
If you’re in charge of planning Teacher Appreciation activities or are just curious, here’s what the rest of the week held…

  • Snack day – parent volunteers pushed snack carts through the hallways and had teachers pick a few special treats throughout the day.
  • Lunch day – the room mom for each class delivered lunch to the teacher from her favorite restaurant
  • Luncheon day – teachers were invited to a special luncheon in their honor

On another note, the baby woke up with this unique do this morning.  It exemplifies exactly what Sister was talking about when she penned the book “The Rats in My Hair” in second grade or so…

photo 5 (13)

Have a good one, y’all!

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  1. That book won her an award at the Media Festival…it was, "The Mice in My Hair." Cookie looks darling with those mice!

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