Test Day Treats {Free Printable}

The fifth grade class that serves as “book buddies” for the PCP’s first grade class spent the week in standardized tests. These kids have spent a great deal of time throughout the year helping and encouraging our little ones in their reading, and to show them just how much we adore them (and I kids DO adore them), John’s teacher asked me (as room mom) to coordinate a daily treat for the fifth graders from our class.

April 2013 277 copy

The supplies were contributed by other families in the PCP’s class and I made cute little tags to go along with each one. On the last day, our class wrote notes to their book buddies.

April 2013 280 copy

April 2013 282 copy

April 2013 283 copy

April 2013 285 copy

You can download the whole set here…

John was beyond excited to give these little treats to his book buddies. And I was thrilled to scratch one more thing off the room-mom-end-of-year-list. I think these would be darling to include in a lunch box on any sort of test day – not just during the dreaded standardized test week.

With that, I’ve got to hit the hay. I went out to celebrate bestie M’s birthday and it’s waaaay past my “school night” bedtime!

4 thoughts on “Test Day Treats {Free Printable}

  1. These are adorable!! Our second round of state testing starts next week. The kiddos in my class will love these. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. It will be a while before my little will be doing any standardized testing but I have pinned it so I can throw them in his lunchbox when he gets a little older! So cute… just like pretty much everything you do!

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