The PCP had his Author’s Tea at school earlier in the week.  The kids serve punch and cookies and present to their parents the research projects they’ve been working on so very hard on these last few weeks.  He wrote all about cougars (I know…I giggled at that too) and it just knocked my socks off.  He authored a real little book – with illustrations and facts and opinions and even an “about the author” on the last page.  This, my friends, is going straight on the living room bookshelf.

May 2013 325 copy 
Speaking of tea, I WON this darling tea towel by Hang Tight Studio from Kelly at Coastal Cottage Dreams!!  I never win anything… so exciting!!

May 2013 316 copy

May 2013 321
Honey and I celebrated eleven years last weekend.  Daddy-O watched the boys so that we could enjoy a lovely night out.  I feel like we never get a good picture of just the two of us so we made a point to do it while we were all cleaned up.  He’s a catch, that Honey.

May 2013 274 
I organized a class gift for the PCP’s teacher but also wanted to do a little something special from our family.  Tricia at HKL Designs did this darling bag for me!!
 May 2013 275 copy

May 2013 279 copy

May 2013 280 copy

The first graders had Economics Day last week and spent the month prior earning “money” to spend at the event.  As I’ve mentioned before, the PCP is exceedingly motivated by money.  It’s our most effective tool for both rewards and punishments.  Anyhoo…I got a kick out of this letter that his sweet teacher sent home for me to see.  “Write me a note back ok.”  Ah, I remember those days.  And the little signature in cursive.  I taught him how a couple of months back and still can’t stand the preciousness of seeing it in pen and paper.

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Now, all is not roses and unicorns at the school all the time.  The PCP brought home his third “straight face” of the school year this month.  We take these things very, very seriously.  If he brings home anything less than a full week worth of smiley faces, there is no allowance, no buying lunch on Friday and, thus, no special ice cream treat that the class is allowed to buy on Friday.  When asked do describe this “gooving off”, he said he was singing and dancing in the bathroom.  Sooooooooooooo…. we couldn’t help but make him perform this routine for the family after supper that night.  It took every ounce of decorum to keep a straight face during the episode.

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I am deathly afraid of roaches.  It all stems from a childhood incident that I won’t go into now, but let it suffice to say that they are paralyzing to me.  I absolutely cannot stand this Orkin ad that has them crawling across my computer screen – I literally jump out of my skin every time I check my darned email.  It looks like a real roach right on my computer.  UGH.  And I can’t figure out why it pops up for me everywhere.  I assure you I don’t sit around googling the nasty things. 
I’ve been toying with new furniture arrangements in my den.  The kid table that previously occupied part of the room lost a leg and had to go.  I sent a few pics to my parents and was snickering at an email reply from Daddy-O…

John: Why are you crying?
Me: I’m not.  I’m laughing at an email from Ampa.  It says the open floor space in front of the window “looks like a great spot for a wrestling arena and someone will probably end up falling straight out the window.”  But I know that won’t happen because y’all are too good.
Whit: We not good.  We bery bad. Ampa knows that.

*this is a work in progress – it has since changed approximately a dozen times*

May 2013 152

Happy hump day, y’all!

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7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. happy anniversary to you and your husband! you two make a gorgeous couple! i have that dress too! i have yet to wear it- you look FAB!!!

    i hate those ads w/ those little roaches! UGH! it creeps me out SO much! sometimes i scream and swat my computer thinking its real LOL!

  2. OMGoodness, that little handwritten note is precious. And, the confession…oh my. Too funny about your dad's email. He's probably right.

  3. We share a mutual hatred of roaches. I had an incident as a child too. When I was about 9, I walked into my bedroom and had a roach jump from the lamp shade on my bedside table and fly into my long blonde hair, where it got tangled up! Needless to say I looked like "Cousin It" from the Adams Family after the trying to get it out of my hair. I've been traumatized ever since.

  4. My family laughs at my pure hatred for roaches! I seriously cannot breathe if I see one. My husband and dad pick them up ALIVE with their hands. My entire body shakes. I had a bad experience too. Mine involved wearing a shoe for a few minutes while I wondered what was moving on my foot…

  5. Can't wait to see that new novel in the newly re-decorated living room. Oh, and I agree with Ampa and Whit….I LOVE those chairs together. :-D

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