Disney World Pirates & Pals Fireworks Voyage

Since we didn’t want to get park tickets for our arrival day, we splurged on tickets to the Pirates & Pals Fireworks Voyage. This unforgettable moonlit cruise of the 7 Seas Lagoon sets sail from the Contemporary Resort.  We arrived early and dined at the Contempo Cafe, where the littles adored watching the monorails roll through, before checking in for the voyage.

June 2013 007

The festivities kicked off at 8:45 and we checked in around 8:15.  The littles immediately donned their pirate bandannas and posed for a photo with the pirate skeleton.

June 2013 005

There were also coloring pages and a little game sheet to occupy the time.

June 2013 006

Finally it was time for Patch and his “twin brother” Patch to escort us into the room for a hearty welcome of seafaring snacks and beverages, including cake, frozen treats, bags of popcorn, pretzels and cotton candy, chocolate doubloons, lemonade and tea.

June 2013 009

June 2013 010

June 2013 011

Patch told the PCP to look for the freezer, to knock three times and then to open it for the biggest treat of all.  We immediately sought it out and when the PCP opened it to find self serve MIckey bars, Mickey ice cream sandwiches and popsicles and exclaimed “noooooo waaaaaaaaay!  It’s the best day of my liiiiiiiiife!!!!” 

June 2013 012

June 2013 013

We’d not had the pleasure of meeting Hook or Smee on previous jaunts to Disney so this was quite a treat!  They took time to joke around, sign books and pose for pictures with everyone in attendance.

June 2013 019

(I obvi thought this was some sort of glamour shot based on that pose.  Note to self: check ruffle on that dress before future photos.)

June 2013 021

Patch and Patch called all sailors to board their boats.  We were assigned to the Smee boat when we checked in and were absolutely giddy when our Patch called John up (this was predetermined and was a surprise to us) to bear the flag and escort our crew to sea!

June 2013 027

June 2013 030

Our Patch was hysterical and John and Whit were thrilled to walk with him to the dock.

June 2013 031

June 2013 032 
As we settled into our seats and set sail, Captain Hook and bumbling Mr. Smee were on hand for the send off.

June 2013 034

The rollicking voyage was filled with spirited sing-alongs, tall tales and Disney trivia games.  Patch had just the right balance of keeping the adults in stitches and the littles entertained.

June 2013 033

We stopped right in the middle of the lagoon for an up-close viewing of the Electrical Water Pagent!  This twinkling nighttime tradition was one of my favorite Disney memories from our visits as a child.  Of course, we’d never seen it from this perspective!

June 2013 037
And after a leisurely and enjoyable cruise, we anchored on the water right in front of the Magical Kingdom.  It was breathtaking and relaxing from this vantage point – no crowds or tired feet.  Just twinkling lights, glittering water and the castle changing colors in the background. 

June 2013 039

And finally it was time for the main event!  The Wishes Nighttime Spectacular!  They piped the music into the boat for the kind of splendidly magical experience that Disney does so well.

June 2013 042

June 2013 044

June 2013 047

As we cruised back, Patch began telling the story of Peter Pan.  And much to our surprise and delight, he jumped straight up onto the dock as our boat was pulling in!

June 2013 050 June 2013 053 
If you go:

  • Parking is free at the Contemporary with a reservation for the cruise.
  • Seats were already assigned when we arrived so arriving early didn’t necessarily get us anything.  That being said, we did chat for a good long while with the cast member at the door and I’m pretty sure he’s the one that secured John’s flag carrying role.
  • Odd numbered row assignments are front row for the fireworks.  We lucked out with an odd numbered row and I have no idea if there is any way to request one but you might try.
  • Don’t fret if you don’t win a prize in Pirate trivia.  As you disembark the boat they will give you a little trinket if you wish.  John got a sword and Whit got a pirate rubbery ducky.
  • Have your snacks first and then get in line for pictures with Hook and Smee.  There is plenty of time and everyone gets their picture made.  The line was long at the beginning.
  • There isn’t much to snack on outside of sugar.  Be warned :-)
  • There are no bathrooms on the boat so make sure to go when they announce last call for potty breaks. 
  • This makes for a very late night so you might consider planning it for a day when you don’t have to be up early the next morning.  Is there such a thing in Disney?!?

June 2013 057

This was one of those nights we won’t soon forget!!

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11 thoughts on “Disney World Pirates & Pals Fireworks Voyage

  1. Looks like lots of fun! Amanda, I've been a reader of your wonderful blog for about a year now, and am a bit embarrassed to ask, but when talking about your son John, what does the PCP stand for? Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  2. That looked like so much fun! Can't wait to see the posts from the rest of the trip! And don't be so hard on yourself in that picture. You looked precious as you always do in the pictures you post. I'm so glad you remember to take pictures with you and your boys. I take a ton with mine but until I started reading your blog I never remembered to take pics with me in them too. Now, because of you, I do! Thanks for that! And thanks for sharing your trip with us all!

  3. Excellent review (not that I expected anything less from Dixie Delights) and now I have added this event to my Disney bucket list! I have seen others review this magical outside-the-parks extra but they didn't do it justice! Keep the magic coming!!! I love when your blog turns totally Disney, but I love it in general sooooo….

  4. SO…between this and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, which would you pick. This seems pricy for the amount of time, but also seems like a pretty awesome opportunity! My boys will be 3.5 and 6 when we go in October. Decisions, decisions.

    1. If you're only doing one, do MNSSHP. You'll get more bang for your buck. With that said, our family (esp my 16 year old daughter) LOVES the Fireworks Cruise. It is one of her favorite "extras." We've done it twice and will do it again on our next trip.
      (I do want to add that the Contemporary provides blankets to passengers if it gets cold out. We did this once in December and it was quite chilly. I was worried about the cold until the cast members came out with warm blankets for everyone.)

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