The Magic Kingdom

We spent one magical day in the Magic Kingdom before heading off to sea.  We arrived just in time to catch the opening ceremony.

June 2013 058

June 2013 064
June 2013 072

We stopped for the obligatory pic in front of the castle on our way to New Fantasyland.

June 2013 073
We did Mommy’s favorite first – Enchanted Tales with Belle.  There was less than a 5 minute wait since we bee-lined there straight away.  And this time, Whit was chosen as Beast!!!  He roared and danced and bowed and hugged my favorite princess…. so so sweet.

June 2013 075   June 2013 085    June 2013 093    June 2013 101  June 2013 103
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June 2013 118

We ticked off the rest in Fantasyland before heading over to Tomorrowland.
June 2013 121
June 2013 122

Honey was “that guy” at Monsters Inc. and was stopped so many times the rest of the day with cast members saying “hey look, there’s that guy” and “make way, that guy is coming through”.  He said it made his day.

June 2013 123

And finally John got his two turns on Space Mountain.  The baby was super put out that he wasn’t big enough and, to top it all off, he got a bee sting while we were waiting.  We hoofed it over to first aid and they doctored him all up.  Between that and a Mickey bar he was just like new.

June 2013 124

We stopped for our favorite (and quite gluttonous) lunch at Sleepy Hollow and made a pit stop for the afternoon parade on our way to Adventureland and Frontierland.

June 2013 129
June 2013 130
June 2013 132    June 2013 139

After getting soaked on Splash Mountain, tossed around on Thunder Mountain and spooked at Haunted Mansion, we checked back in on the baby’s favorite rides in Storybook Circus.

June 2013 144   June 2013 147
When it started drizzling we knew it was a good time for the People Mover and Carousel of Progress.

June 2013 153

June 2013 149

We were thrilled to meet Meridia since we’d never had the opportunity on past visits.  The littles loved practicing their archery and coloring while we waited.  She was darling and so much fun!

June 2013 156
June 2013 159   June 2013 171
June 2013 175

And on our way out of the park, we made one last stop to see the guy that started it all… Mickey Mouse!!!

June 2013 179

June 2013 133

June 2013 135

June 2013 137

See ya real soon (fingers crossed)!!!

4 thoughts on “The Magic Kingdom

  1. Love Magic Kingdom…great idea tacking it on to your cruise.
    Everyone looks lovely as always…your little men are too precious.


  2. My husband wore that same "Disney shirt" as yours! We just got back from their yesterday. Love seeing everyone's memories! :)

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