Late Night Steak Night Date Night

When I picked up two nice steaks on big sale with the intention to freeze for later and then my evening girls night out plans got cancelled at the last minute, it was as if an at home date night was just meant to be! 

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I already had the tri color carrots and red potatoes on hand from my last Nature’s Garden Delivered box so I hopped on Pinterest (I mean, who even uses a cookbook these days?) for some quick recipes.  Oh, and I found the strip steak marinade there as well.  Once the littles were in bed, we opened a bottle of wine and enjoyed the evening while Honey grilled the steaks on the Big Green Egg

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And wouldn’t you just know the delightful aroma of a late night steak night date night supper aroused this little monkey from his slumber for a second supper!??! 

May 2013 021

Here are the recipes I used – my requirements were that they had to be easy and I had to have everything on hand since this was a last minute supper and I sure wasn’t going back to the store:

Strip Steak Marinade
Sauteed Baby Red Potatoes (I had to add more butter and some water because mine were scorching…they were still delish!)
Simple Oven Baked Carrots

It was a delightful evening with two of my favorite boys.  I’m so glad we took advantage of the time. Sometimes the at home date nights are the best!

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8 thoughts on “Late Night Steak Night Date Night

  1. Love special meals at home… and I'm not surprised to see the PCP's smiling face. BOTH of my boys would've been out there as soon as they smelled the grill! :-) xo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful night. Too funny about the PCP being aroused by the smell. Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his 2nd supper!!

  3. You've already taken down ALL of your darling Fourth of July decorations? Even the little flags on your table? Hmmmm. I luv ya to death but I think you're trying to pull a fast one here! ;But we all appreciate the effort to keep us entertained! You're a dear. :)

    1. This was before they went up – just got around to uploading the pics off that camera card. Flags are all still up – dripping wet from all the rain so they won't be going anywhere soon!

  4. You truly are an inspiration. Here's hoping you all still get to celebrate properly, with beautifully weather soon! LOVE your blog!

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