We checked another item off our summer bucket list – White Water!  Bestie A and I just took the big boys for a day of fun in the sun.  We were there when they opened at 10:30 and spent the whole day unplugged.  So much so that our jaws hit the ground when we ran across a clock and saw that it was 5:40 and we were still going strong.  But we did it all on our full day excursion – everything from the new Typhoon Twister to the Lazy River to the requisite Dippin Dots.  Our only pic for the day is this strange one of John trying to act cool as a cucumber (that comes across more strike a strange pose, in my opinion) and friend J looking totally unsure of his long time pal.
photo 2 (9)
Honey’s mama shared this precious picture of him after his own first self-hair cut.  Like father, like son.  I could just pinch their cheeks.  Both of em. 
I nearly did a cartwheel when I spied the cinnamon and sugar version of those boxed soft pretzels in the freezer box this week.  They go well with UNO.
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Mother sent me a pic of her crabby door decor down in Savannah.  My dogs are little jealous of her dogs’ lime and orange ribbons.  And look at that potato vine.  Obvi I inherited my style directly from her.
The boys have both played some sandlot style baseball this summer.  Whit adores it, John hates it.  It’s funny how much the coach can make a difference in how a kid enjoys a sport.  The baby’s get-ups are always something else… orange and black jersey, gray pants, purple socks and hat, navy belt.  A yellow and black “energy” necklace and his lime green “I love Jesus” bracelet accessorize the look. oh yeah
photo 2 (11) copy
Bestie M built a simply stunning pool in her backyard this year.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed helping to break it in and I sure don’t mind lounging poolside chatting it up while they do. 
photo 2 (10)
Is this not the epitome of summer?  Love these boys.
photo 1 (10)
Oh wait… maybe this is the epitome of summer.
photo 1 (11)
Either way, I am trying not to think about the fact that we are less than a month away from school.

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7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Looks like a fun summer! I haven't been brave enough to take the boys to White Water yet – I just keep imagining them getting lost in the crowds! How badly crowded was it when y'all went?

    In love with the crabby door decor – definitely need one of those! xo

  2. I'm so glad you are having a wonderful summer. I don't want to think about school yet, but have to since I'm a teacher…ick…typing lesson plans!

    I also LOVE your crab door decoration. You mom did a fabulous job as always!

  3. Just found your adorable blog and am loving the name! We have that same crab on our apartment door, only ours is red and white!

    Be sure to stop by my blog and say hi sometime. I have a great giveaway going on right now!

  4. Sounds like you all had a fabulous day at the water park. The picture of the little one's self-haircut is so cute. I don't know what it is, but it seems most every child has to try and cut his or her hair at least once. My oldest daughter cut one of her nicest doll's hair all off, right down to the scalp. She asked me if I wanted to see something pretty and when I said I did, she pulled that pitiful and hideous doll from behind her. It certainly was not pretty!

  5. I just had to laugh at the "something pretty" doll. Sounds like something your little sis would have done to her dolls. You were much too pristine with you dolls to ever do anything to them!

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