Apple Teacher Gift for Meet & Greet {Free Printable}

I’m not even going to pretend that I “invented” the apple / caramel teacher gift idea.  I mean, even when I dare to *think* I’ve come up with a new idea, I can pop on Pinterest and see that a thousand others have been there and done that.  There’s nothing new under the sun, I suppose.

But what I DID do is create a free printable tag to go along with your back to school teacher gifts!

August 2013 072 copy
I tossed a few kraft paper shreds in the bottom of my cello bag, added a little caramel dip (produce section of my grocery), topped it with a big juicy Red Delicious apple and tied it up with ribbon and a tag.

August 2013 073 copy copy

When I showed this to the PCP he read “Looking forward to an A PLUS year MINUS John.”  And replied “What in the world does THAT equal?”  My literal left brained child for sure.

August 2013 074 copy

Download the tag here for FREE!

Per usual, we were giddy with anticipation to actually meet the teacher!  We joined the hoards of other students up at the school for spirit day.  Mrs. B was a complete doll and went above and beyond with balloons, a handwritten note and a little bag of Starburst to greet her second graders.  Needless to say John was smitten from the get go.

photo 3

photo 1 copy
photo 4 copy

It’s hard to believe we’ve got just a few day left of summer!

18 thoughts on “Apple Teacher Gift for Meet & Greet {Free Printable}

  1. So cute! We don't start for a couple more weeks but I'm envious that you all start on a Wednesday. We start on a Monday. So uncivilized! Ha.

  2. What a thoughtful gift! Our Elie is finishing her first official week (or half week rather) of teaching. Been exciting!! I know she would have loved to receive a gift like that, but she is teaching high school after all.

  3. She made printables for the Starburst…looks like a teacher after your own heart! How fun! My baby just started preschool (how can that be?) and I used your candy bar idea.

    1. She's so darn cute. If she wasn't totally slammed I could have chatted with her all day! I think she's going to be very thoughtful and creative based on what I saw :-)

  4. Love these. And for some reason I think you are Catholic… little man will make his First Communion this year too. Oh I am so excited to hopefully follow that milestone this year. :) And for the record I think I am the only mom that is sad to see my child go back to school. I love when it's summer and we are all together.

  5. I just retired at age 58 from teaching Pre-K in public school. One of my favorite gifts at the beginning of school was this: the mom took an apple shaped steel cookie cutter, and pressed it into a pan of homemade fudge. Then, she took the fudge-filled apple, and wrapped it with cellophane and a plaid bow. She handed these out to the office people, teachers, etc. Your gifts are so cute, and will always give the teacher a huge pick-me-up!

  6. What a cute idea. You really start school early there. Our kids don't start until after Labor Day. Your little guy is so funny-our oldest granddaughter is VERY literal, too!
    It makes for a few good laughs, doesn't it? xo Diana

  7. I love your take on the teacher apple gift. It's so cute. Sounds like PCP's teacher is nice and I hope those balloons were latex free! We have a severe allergy in our family so it would have freaked us out. Have a fun year.

  8. I can't believe you guys are starting school already. We still have 3 more weeks! Love the idea – My kiddos are starting Kindergarten this year and I was just thinking I should start looking for ideas of something to do for their teachers, and for the boys on their first day.

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