Hello, Cereal Lovers

I was *delighted* when the kind people at General Mills reached out and said they wanted to send little ol me a package with a selection of their cereals, favorite recipes to fuel learners throughout the day, and other essentials in a fun lunch box!!  The baby helped me tear into the package the minute it arrived (any time the door bell rings is cause for excitement around here).

September 2013 090

He scurried off with the lunch box, glitter gel pens and stickers (I was able to get the darling notebook paper treat bags from his clutches) and I excitedly looked through the recipe cards.

September 2013 091

September 2013 092

The timing could not have been more perfect and I’ve already got a fun fall treat planned with one of the recipes and some of the cereals (I’ll share in the next couple of weeks)!!  And I hope to make some of the other things (can you say Breakfast Fondue?!?!) between now and then.

You can find the Hello, Cereal lovers website here and Facebook page here.

Thanks for thinking of me “Big G”!!

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