Disney World: Chef Mickey’s + Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

After our late night, we slept in, swam a little at the pool and then headed to Chef Mickey’s for brunch at 11.  It’s one of our very favorite character meals – the males in the family adore the all you an eat buffet, we all love visiting with the fab five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto), and you can knock out five autographs and photographs just like that!  I was so entertained with the conversations the littles struck up with the characters on this trip.  Things like “Mickey, are you married to Minnie?”  and “Goofy, will you show us how you threw that football so far on that tv show?”
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We picked up the Tower of Terror Clue game at John’s insistence and it was probably the best souvenir ever purchased!!  We played it countless times on our trip and I’m sure it will get many more miles at home.  It was the perfect way to relax in the room and “rest up” for an afternoon at the Magic Kingdom and our big night at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!

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Is it just me, or do you get giddy at the sight of the Magic Kingdom?!?  Everything was dressed to the nines in fall finery.

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We were SO excited to bump into the fabulous B family!!  Our JJ and their JJ are fast friends.

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As soon as the sun went down, the Magic Kingdom began to take on an eerie cast.  Colorful balloons were replaced by creepier versions.

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Cinderella’s castle became a foreboding structure looming in the park.

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And the costumes and villains came out to play!

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The Halloween and Christmas parties are great times to see rare characters out and about.  The baby and his Daddy were beyond thrilled to meet Jafar.  Why?  I have no idea!  But he was decidedly creepy and perfectly aloof.  He couldn’t care less for our ramblings or our photo op.

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We spent the early evening trick-or-treating and riding rides. Cast members provide bags and literally put in handful upon handful of candy at each stop.  There are trick-or-treat locations throughout the park, as well as a couple of trails.

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And we finally settled in for the Boo to You parade in Frontierland.  It was deliciously creepy, full of more rare characters and villains, and we were all enthralled – I only regret not getting a shot of the Headless Horseman leading the crew!!!  They really do a spectacular job with their holiday parades.  I will say that it was hard to get a good seat – party-goers were already laying their claim to curbside yardage at 7 pm for the 8:30 parade.  Crazy!

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We noshed on dogs from Casey’s and had spectacular seats for viewing Happy HalloWishes.  The baby took a little cat nap during the fireworks.  How that kid could sleep with all that commotion is beyond me!

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After countless more rides with little to no lines, we bid farewell to the Magic Kingdom and hit the hay.

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In my opinion the Very Merry Christmas Party and Not So Scary Halloween Party are two of the best, most magical events at Disney and are well worth the admission.  Unless you can make it to midnight, don’t expect to be able to do all of the special party events, meet all the characters, and ride all the rides.  There’s just not enough time!  A costume is a must for the Halloween party – it’s the only time adults can wear them in the park!  I will caution you to choose wisely…  it was 90 degrees during the day and still hot as all get out at night.  Full face masks are not allowed and I would be weary of a bulky costume or one that requires props.  We ended up hacking the sleeves off the littles’ costumes with something akin to safety scissors, which resulted in a precious albeit rather red neck take on Monsters University.

It was a magical and memorable evening!!

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20 thoughts on “Disney World: Chef Mickey’s + Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

  1. I want to go next year sooo bad! Are adults really not allowed to wear costumes inside the park??? It makes sense, but I never realized that…


  2. Oh I just LOVE Mickey's Not-so-scary!! I haven't been in a few years and I miss it so much. Thanks for reminding me about the fun little details, like the headless horseman!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely cannot wait until my kiddos are old enough to do this. I'll be referring to every detail in your Disney posts in a year or two :)

  4. Seriously how much fun !!! I am an annual passholder over here at Disneyland in California and dream of the day we get to visit Disneyworld !! We attended the halloween party last year and had this most magical night !! Disney sure knows what they are doing !!

    Best of all we dressed up as our favorite characters from peter pan !!

    Loved your costumes soo cute !!


  5. Looks like a great trip! I love your relaxed approach. I sometimes think I'm married to Clark Griswold and we have to hits the parks running in the morning and stay the entire day (this includes extended magic hours too!) we haven't been the last two fall breaks, how were the crowds this year? I'm hoping they were decent, I think everyone was in the panhandle at the beach with us!!!!! You have me excited for our Christmas trip in a couple of months now :)


    1. Crowds have been very manageable! We thought they were a little less when we went in sept one year and first week of dec last year, but we did different parks so its hard to compare!

  6. What a magical night! My family is dressing as Monsters Inc for Halloween too. Sully, Mike, Boo and Randall. I have been charged with dressing as Randall. Where did you get your purple glasses?

  7. What a magical night! My family is dressing as Monsters Inc for Halloween too. I have been charged by my three year old with dressing as Randall. Where did you get your purple glasses/headband?

    1. So funny! Both are from party city. The headband only had 2 things but Randall has 3 so I bought 2 bands and Daddy-O added the 3rd thing from the extra headband. Some people thought I was Boo. Whatev :-)

    2. Great, thanks! My sweet little baby girl Caroline (who just turned one last week, we call her CeeCee too!) is going to be Boo

  8. For Mickey's Not-So-Scary Party do you have to purchase a park ticket + a party ticket? Or can you just get in at party time on your party ticket if you don't want to go all day?

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