Disney World: Disney Quest

We spent our last day at Disney in the cavernous Disney Quest Interactive Theme Park.  Think five stories of virtual reality, 3D fun and classic arcade games.
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There are some really, really unique virtual reality and 3D Disney themed experiences that were at the top of our list!  We checked off the Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise adventures first.  Like Typhoon Lagoon, the place was pretty empty when we were there so we didn’t find long lines and just kind of meandered around and did what we felt like doing rather than rushing to tackle the must-dos first.

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My favorite place was the classic arcade games.  While the littles played gobs of SkiBall, Honey and I tried our hands at old school classics like Pac Man and Frogger.  So fun!
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The sports themed attractions were a big hit with my boys, of course.  I’m admittedly not a big gamer, but I found plenty to do to keep me busy while they lived it up.

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We loved the Buzz Lightyear AstroBlaster, but things like Ride the Comix and Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride made me feel nauseous.  Note the height requirements before you go because there were a few Whit was too small for.  There was plenty of other stuff going on so he wasn’t torn up over it.

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Who knew Fix It Felix Jr. was a real game?!?!  Not I!

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The PCP had a fit for me to do CyberSpace Mountain with him.  You essentially design your own rollercoaster and then ride it in one of those roller coaster simulators.  It was pretty cool but lord, that child is daring.  I spent most of the three minute ride hanging upside down or doing things like volcano spins.  Honey and the baby got to watch us on a monitor outside!
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It made for a pretty fun last day, but I’ll be honest, an arcade isn’t at the top of my must-do list.  Unfortunately, I think I’m outvoted on that :-)

So, it’s back to reality tomorrow…school, sports, science fair, pumpkin projects, laundry, cooking and the like.  Oy!

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7 thoughts on “Disney World: Disney Quest

  1. You are a brave Mama – don't think I'd have been up for the roller coaster simulator! The tye-died shirts are so cute! Enjoy your week!

  2. I so so so love your blog! Was very glad to see how much ya'll loved the halloween party, we're headed there next year! Christmas party again for us this year!!! December is our norm but we're going to break out of the box next year since we adore halloween and ALL things Disney!
    With 2 boys the same age as yours (and we live in the Atlanta burbs!) may have to give Disney Quest a try on this upcoming trip. Love you saying that about the "must dos" can totally tell you've been in a Disney resort!!

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