Legoland: Touring, Tips & Tricks + Downtown Disney: T-Rex Cafe

Since we found a great on-line deal for buy an adult, get a kid in free at Legoland, we took a day to check it out!

October 2013 219

October 2013 218
We were thrilled to learn that the park’s first Brick or Treat would be going on during our visit! Just as soon as we walked in the park we made a picture with the world’s largest Lego jack o’ lantern.

October 2013 221

You will find loads of jaw-dropping Lego creations everywhere you turn.  We stopped for photos with quite a few of our favorite “friends”.

October 2013 223

Our first stop was Lego City where we partook in Driving School (two attractions are split by age so we each took one of the littles), Boating School and Flying School.  We also did the Rescue Academy but I seriously would not wait for that one if there is a line :-)  Talk about manual labor!  This was by far the littles’ favorite part of the park.  Seeing how the rides go, I imagine the wait times could get lengthy on a busy day.

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Next we headed over to the Land of Adventure for Coastersaurus (mild), Safari Trek (short little safari ride full of Lego animals) and the Lost Kingdom Adventure (loved this one).

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In Lego Kingdoms, the littles did the Royal Joust.  We wanted to do The Dragon, but the wait was 1 hour.  We didn’t wait more than 5 minutes for anything else the rest of the day, so it was strange that it was so long.

October 2013 242
In the World of Chima, we did the Quest for Chi.  It was super fun but expect to get SOAKED.  I mean, we were literally sopping wet.

October 2013 244

With a good chunk of the park behind us, we headed to Miniland.  Every single thing about it is impressive and you could literally get lost in it for hours.

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After lunch at i-Zone Panini in Imagination Zone, the littles headed into Hero Factory and we tried out the Project X coaster before catching the Pirates’ Cove Ski Show.

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October 2013 257

By now the Brick or Treat trail was open!!  They provided bags and all sorts of goodies, including magazines, posters, pencils and a Wendy’s Frosty coupon.  Oh, and candy, of course.  I thought they did a cute job making the trail spooky in a Lego kind of way and not giving out tooo much junk.

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We wrapped up our day with the Legends of Chima 4-D Movie, a ride on the Grand Carousel, a serving of Granny’s Apple Fries and a visit to the Big Shop.

October 2013 268

And by 3pm we were on our way back to Disney, at the littles’ request!

Tips & Tricks

  • Look online or in the Lego Club magazine (free) for buy one/get one ticket offers to save a bundle!
  • The entire park can be conquered in a day if you arrive when it opens before the crowds set in.  We skipped all of the climbing structures/soft play areas and a lot of the places where you build and test creations, as we have done those a few times at Legoland Atlanta.  These could eat up a lot of time, if you have time to spare and are always fun!  We also skipped touring Cypress Gardens.
  • Legoland is a 45 minute drive from Disney World. Parking is $14.
  • Unlike Disney, Legoland does not permit outside food or drinks.
  • The park is very appropriate for little ones aged 4 – 8 or so.  There were no thrill rides, and we found everything to be geared at the kids.
  • See how we made our Lego Skeleton shirts here.  They received many compliments!!
  • Check out our Legoland picture books here.

After a quick swim in the pool and a rest in the room, we dressed and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at one of our Disney must-eats – T-Rex Cafe!  You can almost never get advance reservations, but they will never turn you away at the door.  This was our third time and we always go put our name on the list as soon as we get to Downtown Disney.  While we wait (usually about an hour), we spend a little time wandering around in the stores and hanging on the sidewalks.

October 2013 278

October 2013 281

October 2013 284

There is also a dinosaur fossil dig right inside the store that is great to entertain the littles while you sip on a yummy beverage from the bar :-)  It’s the same idea as Dinosaur Dig in Animal Kingdom.

October 2013 285

Inside is everything a boy could dream of… or an adult, for that matter. Giant animated dinosaurs from various ages are throughout the cavernous place.  And a “meteor shower” occurs a few times each hour.  We think the food is good, the atmosphere is great, and it’s the kind of dining experience we just can’t get at home.  They talk about this meal for days afterwards!!  And, would you believe that we were seated right next to our old neighbors?!?!

October 2013 289

October 2013 293

October 2013 295

October 2013 300

We wrapped up our looong, fun filled day laaaate in the evening!!

October 2013 303

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  1. Thanks for sharing about your trip/ tips! I called Legoland and learned that they have home schooler days each Monday this year…student tickets are $8./ parents $25. This will save us tons!

  2. Fran – that's perfect! There are so many "educational" opportunities – just think about history or geography in miniland and engineering in the test track areas and there is a great Mindstorm area where you can sign up for a class to build robotic alligators and program lego robots :-)

  3. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing and I loved seeing all of the photos from the trick or treat part at Legoland, how neat!

  4. If you call T-Rex directly, you can get a reservation. They purposely leave tables available.

  5. We were just at Disney the first week of October, such a good time to go. We've stayed at all three levels of resorts, but rented a house this time, which was nice. We' ve been taking our girls since they were small. Such good family memories at Disney.

  6. Ok, I just found your blog and of course I am reading through all of your disney posts :) Where did you find the white shirt with the glittery minnie bow?

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