Baby It’s Cold Outside

Back by popular demand (read: the insistence and excited anticipation of two littles you just might know), take a gander at hot chocolate station 2013. 

November 2013 208 copy

Much like last year, I expect this to get loads of use between the four of us and the crew of others we always seem to have coming and going.

November 2013 210 copy

It looks much the same as last year, but with the addition of much improved labels and some Pirouette swizzle sticks.  I purchased the jars with the darling chalk board labels last year at World Market.
  November 2013 209 copy

I scared up some of my gold printed napkins with my Number Four Eleven monogram.  I can’t believe I forgot I had these pretties stashed away in my party closet!  We use gold coffee cups with lids from Party City for our hot chocolates when we have company.  Much more user friendly for the younger set.  (And the older set that tends to mix in a little Kahlua, Bailey’s or Peppermint Schanpps.)

November 2013 211 copy

Y’all come scoop, indulge (dark chocolate chips), float (mini marshmallows), garnish (peppermint puff) and swizzle (Pirouette) with us any time.

November 2013 213 copy

It’s the perfect way to warm up after playing outside in the mounds (and mounds upon mounds) of leaves in the yard!

November 2013 234 copy

November 2013 237 copy


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21 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Stop it! Just stop it right now! :) We can't keep up! (Darling and adorable, with a classic twist, as always.) I love your labels being verbs….very clever. Thanks! When should we be there?! Jane, San Diego

  2. Amazing Amanda! I so want to put one of these together for the holidays. I can no longer drink coffee, so hot chocolate is perfect for this time of year!!! Love all the mix-ins.

  3. Beautiful! How do you use the custom monogram on all of your projects? I'd like to have one made for my antique chairs now after seeing your beautiful chair, and I'd love to be able to use it on future projects as well. Also, I saw in Michaels yesterday that they now carry canvases with stretched burlap across them, in all sizes! I think I have to order a wooden monogram from your source and try out it out!

  4. Donna and Dina – I used the jpg proof of my monogram from Number Four Eleven. I print it on all sorts of things. For this, it's just on cardstock and then I cut it into a circle :-) I had Paper Affair make the napkins a few years back.

  5. I love the entire table! The jars with labels…I will have to look into those….
    It is that time of year, thanks for reminding me….

  6. Love this so much! Is there a particular brand of hot chocolate you prefer? The various types we've tried always seem to never have enough chocolate flavor! Thank so much! Alicia

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