River Cats Baseball

We just wrapped up a great season of baseball for both boys.  The PCP really came into his game this season and he made us SO very proud as first baseman for the River Cats.  While I admittedly don’t know loads about the game, I DO know that few balls got past him.  DSC_3450 copy DSC_3366 copy photo 3 (3) copy photo 4 (3) copy   Of course, we were thrilled that Coach S drafted him again – he’s now been his coach for EIGHT greats seasons.  A huge thank you and a great big hug goes out to him (and bestie M) for his dedication to these kids year after year after year!   xoxo

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5 thoughts on “River Cats Baseball

  1. I received the monogrammed ornaments I ordered from crafty little things yesterday. Anyone who orders those won't be disappointed. thanks for mentioning this site on your blog.

  2. It is hard to top the cuteness that is a young boy playing baseball. I don't even like baseball in general, but something about it makes it one of the cutest kid sports. In my opinion of course =)

  3. Didn't Honey play baseball at Tech?? I thought you mentioned that once in your blog? I bet having two boys play baseball has got him pretty proud too! Congrats!

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