Disney Live + Frozen

In the last few days I’ve had the great pleasure of not one but TWO dates with the finest five year old I know.  This evening we met up with Sister and Bird for a magical night at Disney Jr. Live Pirate and Princess Adventure!!

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The cousins were rapt with attention and Sister and I just sat back and marveled at them enjoying Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Minnie and Mickey.  I wish I could just bottle up these years.

December 2013 446

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When Daddy-O took the PCP to see Frozen for a birthday treat and they both came home raving about it I was dying to see it.  Well, I logged on to my Disney Movie Rewards account a couple of days later and was beyond thrilled to have an offer for two free tickets!!  I took Whit on his birthday eve and wow… just WOW!  It was incredible and just might be my new favorite Disney movie.  EVER!  Sweet friend M gave us the soundtrack and we’ve listened to it on repeat the last few days.  Can’t wait for the DVD release!

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With that, the littles are begging to play Hedbanz.  It’s quite interesting to play with the baby.  For lack of a better word.

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5 thoughts on “Disney Live + Frozen

  1. We LOVE the Frozen soundtrack. James and I have been singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" for days and he is constantly saying, "Can I say something crazy? I LOVE crazy!" Ha!

  2. What a fun week you've had !! So glad you enjoyed Frozen!! I took my 5 year old niece to see it a few weeks back and we both left the theater just amazed :) Seriously its one of their best movies in a very long time !!

  3. We bought the boys tickets to see Jake & Sophia as one of their Christmas "to-do" gifts. I'm glad to hear J & W enjoyed it…we have to wait until March!

    Headed to see Frozen the Monday before Christmas and can't wait!

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