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Honey left his office in downtown Atlanta yesterday just after lunch at 1p.m. He has been stuck in gridlock traffic on a major Atlanta highway for nearly seventeen hours.  His car has not moved more than ONE car length in twelve hours.  The highways are covered in sheets of ice and motorists have been instructed not to abandon their cars.  Many have offered to help, but he has to get off of the interstate to accept help. He said all he can see are hundreds of cards in front of him and behind him.  He is tired, cold, hungry and thirsty and I am so helpless that I waver between sobbing, screaming and praying.  He has been conserving gas by only turning his car on for a few minutes every so often and has remained nothing but calm and positive.

Atlanta has failed its citizens today.  There are thousands like him trapped on interstates and parking lots and there is no end in sight.  We have friends sleeping in the homes of pure strangers, in stores and restaurants, and an incredible number of friends that walked home more than eight miles in 20 degree temps late yesterday evening.

It is inconceivable how this debacle could have happened and unacceptable that there is absolutely NO help for those stranded.  I mean, there are children sitting on school busses for all this time.  To make matters worse, the metro area has not be shut down, companies are opening (some on a delayed schedule) and thousands more of Atlantans are about to hit the roads to head to jobs they can’t afford to lose.

Please, pray for Honey all of those cold, hungry, and stranded, including our friends MK, EG, DB, TB and SB.  I want my husband HOME.

UPDATE (9:30AM): He is within walking distance of home now if he has to!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU for your prayers and outreach of support!

UPDATE (10:05AM): He abandoned his car and walked to a friend’s house.  So close to home!!


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92 thoughts on “Please Pray

  1. Dear Amanda,

    I am praying for your sweet husband and all those that are having difficulty because of the weather conditions is the south.

    I am from Ohio and we have had a couple of really bad weeks, weather related. I am so thankful that our county and state are equipped to handle this. I will never take this for granted again!

    My baby sister lives in Suwenne, GA with her sweet husband and three boys. I should say three young men, as all three are in college. She and her oldest son went downtown to see a show called The Book of Mormon yesterday. When the weather started to turn back she tried to find a hotel room that they could stay in for after the show. She was very fortunate to find one. Her husband on the other hand, is in the same situation as your Honey. I am praying with all my heart that they will make it home soon!

    Karen C.

  2. Praying for all of those who were stranded on the roads overnight. I was blessed enough that after moving only 4 miles in 4 hours, I decided to turn around and come back to my office, which only took about 30 minutes, as there were absolutely no cars headed in this direction. After sleeping on the couch in our ladies lounge last night and having a breakfast from QT, I just want to be home.

  3. Prayers for you! And your friends and husband. This town should have shut down. They knew the snow was coming. It doesn't matter that the city, state had more salt barns and plows. You can't get to the roads in this horrible traffic of Atlanta. The gridlock is a major problem on a good day. I keep hearing the DOT say we learned from 2011. Learned what??!

  4. Dear Amanda,

    I am praying with all my heart for your husband, and all others that are having trouble because of the weather in the south.

    I am from Ohio and we have had a couple of really bad weeks, weather related. I will never again, take for granted that our State and Counties are equipped to handle bad weather.

    My baby sister lives in Suwenne, Ga, with her wonderful husband and three wonderful sons. She took her oldest downtown to see The Book of Mormon yesterday, as a birthday treat to him. When she herd that the weather was going to turn bad she tried to find a hotel room for after the show. After an hour of trying, she found a room. I am relieved that she and her son are safe. Her husband on the other hand is in the same situation as your Honey. I will keep praying that they make it home safe and sound soon!

  5. I thought about your family as soon as I heard about this awful situation! Being from Wisconsin it is inconceivable how this could happen!
    Praying for everyone involved, especially your family!

  6. Amanda, woke up this morning to see your IG post and was brought to tears for your family. I am praying for you guys to be reunited soon!!! I can't believe how bad it is out there… so sad!

  7. Amanda – we have been praying since yesterday & will continue to do so. As a life long Georgian, I am outraged along with you. My husband works for the largest public school system in the state – they are one of those who chose to open today (12 month employees, not children) BUT they didn't even early release yesterday! He is being charged vacation time today for not going in, but we are lucky he has the time to burn.

    It is always a joke how the South handles "snowstorms" & along with everyone else, I usually have a good giggle about this. But there is NO excuse for this, I agree.

    Continuing to pray for your family, specifically that Honey is able to get home shortly. That he stays as warm as he can, and someone finds a way to refuel these cars & get him & others something to eat & drink.

  8. OH, this is unthinkable. Truly awful. I am so sorry. Please know that you and your husband and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. Please give us an update when you can. xo

  9. Praying for your husbands safety and that he will get home to you soon. I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare people are facing in your state. I am from Minnesota and blessed our state is equipped to handle situations and I will never complain about bad roads again. Praying your city and state will get this under control somehow.

  10. It is absolutely nothing short of a nightmare and not at all the joke that people from cold climates want it to be. Daddy works in Atlanta near Spaghetti Junction and lives in Roswell and his commute to 3:20pm-3am. Just an unbelievable nightmare. Praying for your husband and all those around him!

  11. Praying!!!!! My 9 year old nephew is has been stuck at a Supertarget all night with his stepmom, and my sister walked for miles to get home last night to her other two kiddos. This is a horrible situation!!! Grateful that your precious boys are home with you. Please let us know when Honey gets home safely, which he WILL!

  12. Oh no. This is completely insane. How citizens of atlanta can be stuck and stranded right on their own roadways. I told my husband that if the roads don't clear up more people would be ditching the cars and doing what the needed to do to get home….. especially cars with small children. Hang in there. At least u know he is safe and will be coming home…..soon. keep us posted. Ps. U inspired me to book a trip to wilderness in the smilies.

  13. Amanda, this is horrible! My neighbor's daughter lives outside of Atlanta, and it took her 6 hours to get home, which should have been a 30 minute drive. She got stuck in ice/snow twice and had to walk the last block home being 6 months pregnant and with a two-year-old in a stroller. Praying that your husband returns to the safety of your home soon and for all of those stranded. <3

  14. Dear Amanda, what a horrible situation for all of you and all of Atlanta. I will be praying that all goes well and he is safe in his warm home with you and the boys. {{{Hugs}}}

  15. Praying for your husband's safe return! I saw the forecast for the south, and there was plenty of advance warning – no reason for people to be out in that mess – they should have shut everything down! Hang in there!

  16. Praying for you and all those in Atlanta and the south. I'm from Cincinnati, Oh and I thought our cold temps were bad but we are blessed that our city is equip to handle it.
    I will continue to lift you in prayer!

  17. I saw a picture of an Atlanta highway on TV this morning and I couldn't believe my eyes! I was wondering how long people had been stuck. I'm in Charleston where the roads are iced over, but luckily decisions were made yesterday to close most everything today. Please keep us informed. We're praying for everyone's safety.

  18. Praying! This must be so scary and upsetting for your family. I pray that God will bring warmth, strength and comfort to your husband in such a stressful situation. I live in Alabama and the stories I have heard from friends is beyond unreal! I pray your husband will be off that interstate as soon as possible and back home with you and your sweet boys. Know you have lots of support and prayers with you! Let us all know when he's back home safe!

  19. Praying here in England for you, your husband and everyone affected by this terrible situation.Helen

  20. So sorry for y'all and praying for all of those across the South. We in Birmingham have the same situation, but fortunately I was close enough to leave my car in a parking lot and walk home. My husband walked 6 miles to get home, and my children had to get rides from friends and also walk. Our neighborhood is very hilly, and it's treacherous with ice and snow.
    I don't think anyone knew it would be this bad!

  21. OMG, Amanda! I know we complain about the snow and cold but this is Wisconsin-we are supposed to have weather like that. I feel so bad-Georgia just does not have the equipment (salt, trucks, plows) to take care of snow and ice…and people don't know how to drive in it. It is hard enough with four wheel drive when you are used to driving in it…it is horrible when you don't drive in winter conditions and your car starts to slide! People overcorrect and end up in ditches or hitting another car, etc.

    I feel bad for your hubby and you and REALLY bad for those poor scared kids on buses.

    Hoping today things clear for you all there. xo Diana

  22. I am so glad he is almost home! He must be so tired!
    Thank goodness for cell phones, so that you could be in touch!

  23. What a nightmare!! That is really ridiculous that you had to go through that. Thanks for the update! I've been thinking about you and your family all morning. I'm sooo glad he is going to be ok. I would be freaking out if I was in your situation.

  24. I'm so glad he's almost home!! This situation is just nuts. I can't imagine the fear and frustration both of you are feeling. I sure hope he gets lots of rest and warmth today!

  25. I've been praying for you, your family and your city. I'm grateful he is safe. I drive through Atlanta often and it's unbelievable that they did not see this coming with the traffic that city has. What a blessing there are such good people to open their homes.

  26. I totally agree with you Amanda. This was just crazy! My son spent the night at his office last night as he could not get home in Bham. His wife and little ones made it through the night but are like upset. Glad your hubby is within walking distance now.

  27. Amanda, so glad to read he is finally safe and warm. I was right there with you last night. My daughter had taken off work in Cobb Co. and had come this way due to a last minute need to see her doctor. She called me around noon saying she had just finished there (Johns Creek) and was going straight home rather than stopping here at our home. 75 was so bad she got off at JF, only to find the road closed later and she had to back track to 75!!! 7+ hours later she finally got to where she could park and walk the rest of the way. And, she drives a Hummer!!! I too am appalled at the way this was handled. I cannot believe they put those poor children on frigid school buses on icy roads, and worse yet stranded some, just 5 years old away from their parents! Unbelievable!!!

  28. Just amazing that our small town, unfamiliar with ice was completely prepared, while Atlanta, who sees iced roads at least once or twice a year was blindsided.
    I have friends in Atlanta who spent the night in very strange places because they couldn't get home. It is crazy there was no advanced warning!
    So glad to read your update and that your husband is okay. I would have lost my mind in that car!

  29. So glad for the positive updates!! What a relief. I live in Ga too. Friends slept in their cars last night. Still nowhere near home. So happy for Honey! I'm also praying for a thaw!! Nothing will happen until the thaw!!

  30. Thank you for the update. So glad that your Honey made it home. Now all he needs is some warm food and a warm bed!

  31. So glad Honey made it home!!!Prayers from you friends in Birmingham.We have same mess here and lots of littles spent the night in schools.Many are still in cars needing meds.ect.So many angles out there helping and taking food and supplies to those in need.Always enjoy your blog.I have two sons that are grown now(one lives in ATL)Enjoy the littles and keep doing the wonderful job that you do.

  32. Amanda, so thankful that he is home. I could see the frustration and worry in your post. I'm sure home never looked so good as it did when he finally arrived! I too live in Metro Atlanta (Cherokee Co.) but we are retired and were able to stay home yesterday. Who knew that the beautiful snowfall would impact so many in such a way.

  33. What a mess! I hope that the city leaders and state government are taken to task over the failure to cancel and properly prepare the citizens for this! I know you are so thankful he is home now. Rest well!

  34. I just woke up and saw your post and am very grateful that he is home. What a horrific trauma to go through. It's unimaginable. God bless all of those still affected. We must continue to pray. ~ Jane, SD

  35. Soooo happy to hear that he is home!!! The school districts and the transportation department have some serious re-evaluating to do!

  36. It is one thing to have your husband stranded, but another to have your child stuck on a bus. I would have been terrified! Thank goodness he made it home. Sorry, ya have an idiot for Mayor and Governor.

  37. Amanda,
    So happy to hear that your hubby made it home safe and somewhat sound. We have seen videos from Atlanta and its unreal that a city of this size was so unprepared. The citizens of Atlanta need to demand some answers from their leaders and hold them accountable.

  38. I begin every day with coffee and Dixie Delights! Feel like you are all family. So happy the W. family is all safe and sound!
    Love and Hugs,

  39. I start every day with coffee and Dixie Delights! I feel like you are family. So happy the W. family is all home safe and sound!
    Love and Hugs,

  40. Amanda, Sending thankful prayers that your hubby is home and that others will be soon. I've lived in the Atlanta area most of my life and have never seen anything so awful.

  41. So so glad to see your update that Honey made it home safe and sound. Your picture on Instagram of him walking up the sidewalk of the gold course was such a relief to see. Poor thing!!! I live in Houston and last Friday it froze here as well but the city shut everything down. There were still over 500 wrecks! Yesterday, even though the ice wasn't as bad, the city still shut everything down again. After seeing how bad Atalanta was I'm so grateful the city of Houston was proactive once again. The thought of cold, scared kids on school buses brings me to tears. The city officials of Atlanta should be ashamed of themselves! I truly hope they learned a lesson. So so glad Honey made it home safe and sound. God was watching over him.

  42. Thank goodness he is home safely after all that time! We are all baffled and beyond belief as to what happened/is still happening…I sure do hope better security measures are put in place for the future. We have so many friends and have heard so many stories of others stranded out there!

  43. I am so sorry!! Praise God that he made it home safely. This is an incredibly sad situation. I've had all of you in my thoughts and prayers and so worried about all the kids affected by this. I would be a crazy loon if my kids were stranded!

    In early Dec when we had that horrific ice storm here, there were people stranded on freeways up to 26 hours! Isn't it unbelievable that these things happen with all the technology that is available today?

    Keep us posted ~

  44. This sort of thing happened in the Raleigh area in 2005…it was a horrible mess…and with this storm, I have to give kudos to all of the Triangle area city administrators and school administrators for keeping the people of the Triangle safe..we have had no major problems .. kids were dismissed from school very early along with businesses..i am so happy that your hubby made it home safely..!!!!..can't imagine what you were going through!

  45. I am so glad your husband is home. I live in southwest Pennsylvania and my car said 36 deg when it was in the garage this morning, at 6:00am when I headed out to work,by the end of our housing development it was -17 deg. We don't have weather this bad and this is really getting scary.

  46. My husband was stuck in traffic from 1:30pm until 1:08pm and my daughter from 3:00pm until 2:00am,the last hour spent dealing with a fender bender in which she was involved.

    Honestly, I do not feel that Atlanta failed us. Had the school systems in metro Atlanta cancelled school on January 28 thousands of vehicles would not have been on the roads. My daughter, a Fulton County school teacher, would have been home and safe. School children could have spent the night in their own beds. The failure of school superintendents throughout metro Atlanta to make wise decisions is reprehensible.

    I do wonder why the DOT insists that roads can't be pre-treated. They can be. Would it have helped? I really don't know but what harm would have come from trying? There are so many things that happened yesterday that I hope no Atlantan ever has to endure again.

    I congratulate your husband for his focus on getting home to his family. I hope his office is closed tomorrow so that he might rest after his unpleasant adventure.

  47. So glad he is home safe and sound. Shame on those "in charge" who failed, even after weather forecasts were out there, to make any decisions whatsoever. We are accustomed to bad weather here, but please know no one here is laughing about it. The information was there but no one chose to read it or process it. It seems they said they learned from the last time this happened, just 2 or 3 years ago. Guess they didn't learn much! There were shades of the turmoil during Katrina in the events we have seen in the news coverage. What I now worry even MORE about is the preparedness of our country if there were an emergency that required immediate steps for a mass evacuation. We certainly are no way ready for that. And that is, indeed, scary. Hope you are having a quiet evening at home ~ all together and safe.

  48. Praise God!! I teach at a Catholic school and we prayed for his safe return home and for all those stranded in the storm. Such good news!!!!!

  49. I just had to check in- I am so happy to hear your hubby made it home safe & sound! A prayer answered! Hang in there- Saturday is coming and with it some nice, warmer temps!

  50. I have thought of you a million times today. I am so glad that Honey is home safe and sound.

  51. Similar situation occurred in Philly burbs many years ago. Permitted to leave work early, I was stranded just two miles from home on a one lane road and had cars both behind and in front of me. This was pre cell phone and my family had no idea of my whereabouts. No food, drink, blanket. Walking my way home was not possible as I had not packed boots. I took comfort knowing that thousands were facing this same predictament and were powerless against Mother Nature. Like your husband, I stayed calm and prayed. I thanked God that my husband was home safe with our daughters and I reflected that my situation could be worse.
    I now have a blanket in my car alongwith spare gloves, spare socks, and neck scarf. My ear constantly listening to weather alerts, cautioning myself to wear boots and have provisions in the car.
    Approximately six years ago Thanksgiving Saturday, a horrific truck accident snarled the NJ TURNPIKE. For over six hours, trapped sans water, food, restroom facilities and dealing with nasty drivers. When I reached my exit, I still had to pay the entire toll! THANK YOU NEW JERSEY!
    Thank God I had a cell phone and thank you sister Bern for your funny and supportive phone

    calls during my captivity.
    I now carry snacks,drinks, tissues and empty cups in the cars year round (cups/tissues are portable bathroom substitutes). And thankfully, the NJExperience was without little ones (I was alone).
    Your comment regarding possible job loss saddens me. I was fortunate that my boss recognized how dangerous the situation had become and urged us to leave (thank you Dr. Milazzo!!)
    Gladdened that your husband returned home SAFELY after more than twenty harrowing hours and still praying for those left behind.

  52. Oh my gosh I know how you felt. My son just moved to Atlanta and spent 6 hours trying to get from Phillips to Smyrna last night. I followed him on google maps every step of the way. It was a helpless feeling. I just don't think Atlanta knows how to handle extreme weather. I told him to plan accordingly next time!
    Your faithful reader, Michele

  53. I'm so glad he made it home! That is just unacceptable and miserable and all around sucky. I've been hearing about the terrible gridlock/stranded people. I would have been angry and falling apart all at once, but I'm super glad you updated!

  54. So sorry! I am so glad to hear your hubby is home safe and sound. I cannot believe that whole thing. I am in Maryland where we are more prepared and use to snow/icy weather but I just cannot believe, understand or imagine what happened in your beautiful city. I agree you, your husband and all the others stuck were failed by your city.

    Thank God your husband is home and safe. What an ordeal!

  55. Such an ordeal for all the citizens of Alanta. This
    is such a disgrace,. I hope that the Mayor and
    Governor accept responsibility for putting so many lives
    in danger.

  56. Did Honey just have on that jacket with no hat or gloves? I can't imagine that! The Instagram photo shows it unzipped too – wasn't he freeeeezing after all that?! What an experience. Did he take any photos from the scene? So tragic that everyone had to go through that.

  57. So glad he made it home safe and sound.


    ps…thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. :)

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