The 100th Day of School {Free Printables}

It’s funny the things you never in your life heard of until you had kids… and a big 100th day of school hoopla is just that. Now, y’all know I love a good cause for celebration, so I obvi jumped right on the band wagon. This year, I added this darling book, The Night Before the 100th Day of School, to our repertoire. I adore pretty much this entire series by Natasha Wing and have quite a few of her other covers.

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For the past few years, we have strung up these cute little Fruit Loop necklaces for the littles’ classes on the 100th day of school. You can find the free printable and how to HERE!

January 2013 387 copy

This year, the PCP’s class celebrated with a 100th Day of School Parade!! The entire second grade class donned their gray hair, canes, and other hysterical garb to parade the halls for the rest of the lower grades. I tell you what, it was a HOOT! When I asked him earlier in the week if he had any ideas for his attire, he said “That’s easy. I just need to dress like Ampa.” *bwahahahaaha*

January 2014 144

January 2014 146

January 2014 149

In years past, we have had to glue 100 items on a piece of paper…

January 2012 377

…and put 100 items in a mystery bag (this has another free printable file here that can be used for any sort of 100 day project)!

January 2013 391 copy

I can’t wait for the baby to join in the festivities next year!! (Did I just write that?!? I’ve never said I ‘couldn’t wait’ for the baby to do anything related to school and getting bigger. Perhaps the idea is subconsciously growing on me??)

We’re at home on another snow day today!! With any luck, the sunshine and warm temps will have every thing back to normal by afternoon. I have GOT to hit the Publix. Me and thousands of others, I’m afraid :-)

6 thoughts on “The 100th Day of School {Free Printables}

  1. My daughter's 100th day was moved to Monday (due to snow here in NC!). Can I ask what you used to make your son's hair gray? I need some ideas as it has been the last thing on my mind and I need to get going :)

  2. Hi Hope! I used white hair spray from Party City. It worked great! Stayed in all day :-) It smelled SO bad though – take it outside to spray her down. I also got the "old geezer" glasses there. I think they were like $3 and the hair spray was too.

  3. What fun! When our girls were in elementary school they celebrated the 101st day. All things dalmatian and spots! LOL Love the fruit loop necklaces.

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