100th Day of School {Free Printable}

The PCP’s class celebrated the 100th day of school with a day full of fun and games (and I’m guessing at least a little learning)!  They did 100 piece puzzles, 100 themed word searches, activities and centers, enjoyed the annual 2nd grade dress-like-you’re-100-years-old parade, AND participated in a 100th day themed guessing game.

100th Day Bottle of Fun
Each student filled an empty 20-oz. bottle with 100 like items of their choice – and it was no surprise that the PCP chose Legos.  The bottles were then sealed in paper lunch sacks and sent in with three clues about their contents.  They played a guessing game to guess what was in each bottle.  FUN!! 

January 2013 391 copy

January 2013 394 copy

January 2013 439 January 2013 440

Download the bottle label here – it could really be used for anything! 

100th Day Necklaces
The PCP couldn’t wait to make 100 Day Fruit Loop necklaces for his classmates again this year!  In fact, the whole family got in on the fun (can you guess just how much fun Honey is having??)!!  The printable tag is below – one page for kindergarten and one page generic – and you can see last year’s post for all the details.

January 2013 387 copy  
photo 4 (21)

January 2013 384 copy

Download the bag topper here – 100 Days of School Tag 

The PCP reported back that it was one of his (albeit many) “best days ever”! 

photo 5 (14)

He’s 100 days smarter and we’re 100 days closer to SuMmEr!!

PS. Lest you think the PCP has all the fun, I assure you that the baby is the one truly living the life.  Lounging his days away with mommy tending to every whim and anticipating every need.  Case in point: luxuriating in his bear sleeping bag and watching Disney channel while I prepare his “third breakfast” of the morning :-)

photo 1 (38)

8 thoughts on “100th Day of School {Free Printable}

  1. I just love your school projects! You are so lucky, at my sons school we are not allowed to send in any food of any kind for Any occasion, even holidays. It is so frustrating sometimes! Especially when I see cute ideas like this!!

  2. Your hubs is such a great sport about all of your projects, he cracks me up, mine on the other hand is not so game all of my ideas!!! Love the projects! And I've been trying to order that sleeping bag for months and it's been OOS :-(

  3. Hannah, I used a plastic jewelry making string that I already had. Yarn or pretty much anything of the sort would also work. The advantage to this was that it was pretty stiff so it made it easy for the littles to thread the cereal on. Thanks!

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