The Napkins

I finally bit the bullet and had a set of sixteen hemstitched pure linen napkins done with my custom monogram from Number Four Eleven.

January 2014 036 copy

I hemmed and hawed over what color combination to do and ended up choosing white napkins with just a hint of cream and matching thread for the monogram.  They were a bit of an investment and I wanted something classic, something that would go with every sort of table setting, and something that could be stain treated. 

December 2013 595

It sounds quite trite, but I couldn’t love them more.  They are the napkins dreams are made of.  I’d save them from a burning fire.  Okay, you get the point…

The next victims of the monogram will be the linen towels in my guest room and powder room.  How they survived a year is mystery to me.

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18 thoughts on “The Napkins

  1. I can not wait to visit number four eleven and pick out our monogram. I've already decided it will be my favorite Savannah souvenir:)
    And of course the napkins are divine!!

  2. So pretty. I got a set of 12 hemstitch linen white napkins for Christmas and am getting ready to have them monogrammed as well. If only I had a lovely custom monogram like yours. :)

  3. They are lovely! A sweet girlfriend of mine gave me a set of 12 beautifully monogrammed flour sack towels years back. I use them everyday!! Would love to have a set of napkins made as I have so many mismatched sets!!

  4. These are so beautiful! Such a classic, timeless choice.

    With your custom monogram, how does it work? Do they give it to you digitally and then you're free to use it as you wish? Do you have to take your fabric items to No. Four Eleven to monogram or if you have a digital version, could you use someone local? I've always been curious. It is so neat to see how many ways you've been able to use that gorgeous monogram!

  5. That is so funny- I have napkins that I have been holding onto and thinking about getting them monogrammed to match some that we have from hubby's grandmother. Yours are just GORGEOUS! Does she charge per piece and by the complexity of the design? xo Diana

  6. Totally off the wall question, what type of pieces do you put in your china cabinet? Ive seen the butler pantry on the walls but I am having a hard time deciding what to display in my new caninet. Adore your designs so I figured I would ask you :)
    Thanks a million!

  7. Can you give more info about where you had the napkins done and the cost? Also more on the stain protector? Thanks!

  8. I had the monogram made over three years ago at Number Four Eleven in Savannah. I believe the cost was $150. A girlfriend monogrammed the napkins for me for $5 each. They are basic linen napkins from Pottery Barn.

  9. Hi, love the napkins and the monogram, you are a true southern belle! I was also wondering how the custom monogram works. Do they give you a file that you can use anywhere? I was especially curious about your monogrammed upholstery . Do you have the fabric monogrammed and them bring it to the shop or does you shop have someone who does the monogram. I just adore your bedroom chair and decided that I want my custom monogram for my 40th.

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