Downtown Disney + Splitsville {Girl’s Trip 2014}

We visited Downtown Disney a couple of times during our trip – for dinner and shopping one evening and then for the Splitsville Luxury Lanes bowling experience one afternoon.It was a gorgeous evening when we visited for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express.  Since we always eat at T-Rex or Rainforest Cafe with the little’s in tow, I was thrilled to finally try a more grown up place.  The food was SO good and I definitely want Honey to try it when we go back with the family later this year.

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We did quite a bit of shopping, and I was thrilled to finally pick up these darling storybooks for the littles, written and illustrated by a Disney Imagineer, along with a darling top and Vera Bradley bag for myself.  The books are currently only available in a few places at the Disney World Resort.  I found them at the World of Disney, if you are looking.

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Splitsville has been on my bucket list since it opened at Downtown Disney!!  The ladies were happy to indulge and we spent a great afternoon dancing, dining and bowling.
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The lanes are split up all over the two story complex in groups of three or four.  There is a fantastic bar, second story balcony, great music and good eats.

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And if you’re wondering, YES – it was everything I dreamt it would be :-)

With loads of memories made and plans to do it all again in 2015, it was back home for us all.  THANK YOU girls for a magical weekend!!!

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  1. What fun! I haven't been bowling in years! We ate years ago at Wolfgang Puck in Vegas, with two overtired, very sleepy girls who feel asleep in the booth. LOL

  2. Love WPE! What did you have? I'm always looking to try new entrees there. Which Vera Bag did you purchase? I love them all and can't decide!!

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