I Heart Organizing

Y’all!!  I am so excited to be dishing on our garage over at I Heart Organizing this week!!!  Jen was so much fun to work with and just had the best questions for me to answer.  Not to mention that her site is completely chocked full of beautiful spaces and amazing ideas.     Hop on over and say HELLO and find all of the gory details from Honey’s {funny} point of view here!! xoxo

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7 thoughts on “I Heart Organizing

  1. Loved reading how the garage works for you – and it's lovely to look at, too! I have big BIG plans for our garage this year… as soon as I can get around the big BIG problem of the boat parked in there! xo

  2. Love your garage and love when "Honey" does a post. Isn't he about due for another project? ;)

    Kate over at Centsational Girl mentioned your garage transformation as well. It's nice to see you getting some well deserved recognition.

  3. I love your garage project. We took inspiration from yours and just finished our own. So Thank you!! One question: I had planned to paint mine all white like yours, but my hubby thinks that it will constantly look dirty. We have 3 active boys. So my question is how does your white look still look good a year later? Does it clean up well, and if you could do it over, would you still paint it white? Thanks So much!!

  4. mommajelly – it's actually a light gray so it does hide a bit of the dirt. It cleans up well because it is a gloss paint. Honey repainted just the seats of the benches this year with a quick coat of paint to touch up from a year's worth of use. I wouldn't change a thing about them! FYI – color is revere pewter by ben moore.

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