Oyster Shell Necklaces {Giveaway}

2/13 UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations Jane in San Diego on the win!!

I am so beyond excited to have listed the inaugural set of gorgeous handmade oyster necklaces in the Dixie Delights etsy store!! 

January 2014 564 copy

Mother is hand selecting and stringing these beauties in a few different designs, all inspired by the coastal South.  Every necklace is unique and they make the perfect statement piece.  Sister, Mother and I have been wearing them for a few weeks now and every.single.time we are flattered with gushing compliments.

January 2014 558 copy

January 2014 559 copy 

January 2014 562 copy

January 2014 567 copy

Now, y’all are going to be delighted to hear that Mother has offered to give away one of these lovelies to one lucky reader!!!  There are three quick and easy ways to enter and the giveaway is open to US addresses only.  Post a separate comment for any/all of the following…

1.  Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know.
2. Pin one of the pictures above to Pinterest and leave a comment letting me know.
3. Leave a comment letting us know which one is your favorite OR if you’d like to see a different color variation!

The winner will be announced February 13!

Hop on over to etsy and check them out.  You will LOVE them!!!  And these would be a great last minute suggestion to your Honey for a Valentine’s Day treat :-)

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338 thoughts on “Oyster Shell Necklaces {Giveaway}

  1. 3. My fave is the Ladayette, but I'd be equally as thrilled with ANY of these gorgeous pieces. Amanda's Marme, they are beautiful! xo

  2. "The Wilmington" is my absolute favorite! I am not even a necklace wearer, but I may have to add that to my Valentine's list! Love your blog and I will be Pinning too!


  3. The Wilmington is my absolute fave! It would look great with just about anything, and could be worn at work, church, or during a casual weekend! LOVE it.

  4. Each one is gorgeous but I'm really loving "the Wilmington." Thank you to your sweet Mom for this giveaway opportunity!! I follow your blog daily:)

  5. Stunning one and all! Your entire family has more talent and taste than the Kardashians!!

  6. I live very far from the deep South (South Dakota to be exact) but I'm coming to Charleston in April, and one of these necklaces would be the perfect accessory.

    Love your blog!!

  7. 2. “The Lafayette” is my favorite. We are going to Destin this summer and I'd love to wear this with a dress for our family pics on the beach!

  8. Gorgeous! I want them all! I read your blog daily and always find a takeaway. Thanks for sharing

  9. Although I've gone back and forth between the Tybee and the Lafayette, the wooden beads on the Tybee are definitely my favorite!! I need to buy some of these stunning necklaces!

  10. Just started following your blog. I love it! Love everything oysters and I love these necklaces. I especially love the one with the larger turquoise beads.

  11. I just started following your blog. I love it. I love everything oysters! These necklaces are fantastic. I especially like the one with the larger turquoise beads.

  12. I like the Tybee. Can you tell me how she drills the holes in the shells? Last year, my daughter and I were trying to do a project that involved stringing shells and I could not get the power drill to go through the shells and if I did, the shell broke. Help!!!

  13. Love your blog, love, love the necklaces. Your blog and Southern Hospitality blog today are making me want to head out to Tybee. DiAnne in NC

  14. Love the necklaces. I'm from South Dakota but am heading to Charleston in April, and one of those necklaces would be perfect! I've pinned them to "Jewelry and other Bling". Your blog is great. You have a beautiful family, and I love hearing your stories from the South.

  15. I love them all! I share your obsession with oysters!

    I pinned to my Fashion/Style board on Pinterest.

    I already follow your blog and really enjoy it!

  16. I am following directions this time…separate comments…

    I pinned to my Fashion/Style board on Pinterest!

  17. I follow your blog already and I pinned my favorite the Tabby. I loved the Tabby because it reminded me of pearls and I love pearls.

  18. Oh my…your mother has outdone herself this time! I am smitten with her newest creations.

    If I had to pick a fave, I would say it is the Wilmington. The colors and the shell remind me of my favorite water vista, a southern marsh.

  19. Your blog is my favorite read of the night so I am definitely a follower…I save it when I see it come in on my phone while feeding and putting my littles to bed in order to have a brief moment of 'happy/clean/creative mommy time' to look forward to once their doors have closed.

    P.S. – PLEASE make your sister do a blog post or two of her home…the few snippets you have shown leave me wanting so much more!

  20. I can't decide which one I like best but I can see why you've been getting so many compliments! :) If I was forced to choose, it would be the Tybee since I adore turquoise.

  21. I would choose the Willmington-the same one I pinned!, it is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  22. They are all lovely but I really like the Wilmington. The contrast of the rough shell and the smooth beading is so nice. I would love to see it with black beads!

  23. Gosh, such a hard decision to pick a fav as they are all ultra gorgeous! It's between the Tybee and the Wilmington! Would love for my Honey to surprise me with any for Valentine's Day!

  24. Of course, I've been following your blog and gleaning all kinds of brilliant ideas for over a year now! I just ordered your monogramed book and every time I use it or look at it I smile!

  25. Do I follow your blog? My goodness, I do!
    Every morn with my coffee
    I follow your parties, your crafts & ideas
    And when you take teachers toffee

    I follow your trips and feel like I'm there
    Though I have my own special life
    Honey, the boys and little Cee Cee
    Have a delightful mom, aunt and wife

    I adore your new porch, your home's wonderful hues
    And love to just take it all in
    When Sister shows up, with her hubby & cakes
    We know that the fun soon begins!

    Jaybird's a cutie, Whit is a hoot
    And John has a Georgia Tech brain
    Daddy-O, Mother & Honey's mom too
    Are bursting with pride of this gang

    You have impecable manners
    And your love of life shows
    As you fill every day with such style
    God is the most beautiful part of your life
    And He truly shows in your smile

    Thank you, Amanda for all that you do
    To give back your blessings each day
    Oyster necklace or not, you're a sweet Georgia peach
    And these things I just wanted to say

    So I'll wrap up now, though I could go on
    (Especially about that pink tutu!)
    Mother's new jewelry is insanely great
    Especially the clear, icy blue! ;)

    God bless you, A. You make the world a better place. Thank you for bringing such joy to so many.

    Yes, I know I left out Paris tea! ;)

    Jane ~ San Diego

    1. Jane – this is the sweetest, most fabulous comment ever :-). So thankful this little blog has blessed me with "friends" like you! Have a wonderful weekend!!!! xo

  26. They are all beautiful but I have a friend whose birthday is coming up and the Tybee would be stunning on her.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. My fingers are crossed!

  27. Tybee ….oh my, love love!! Follow, Pin, whatever it takes….Just found your blog this morning and feeling so happy! Have a great day and thanks for the opportunity! Pamie G.

  28. I am a fellow Georgia girl and love love your blog! Follow via email. The necklaces are all so special (I love Bellamy Murphy, too!) so it's a tough choice to pick my fave, but I'd have to go with the Wilmington or the Tabby. All are beautiful!

    Pinned here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/133208101452643071/ and here http://www.pinterest.com/pin/133208101452643069/

    A deep green or coral color combo would also be fabulous! Thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas and home inspirations! Elizabeth

  29. I love these necklaces! Hard to pick a fave but I love that Tybee blue. I think the shells would look pretty with some pink beads too. :)

  30. I love the "Wilmington" so classic and would look wonderful to wear down south here in sunny St. Augustine, FL. I would be the toast of the town wearing it!

  31. I will take the Tabby please….Jane took the words right out of my mouth…like mother, like daughter! Can't wait to wear my new "Tabby".–Marti

  32. Awwww. Thank you! Hugs & kisses right back to you and yours. I am very flattered that you enjoyed it. :). Jane

  33. PS
    I just realized my ditty reads " every MOM with my coffee", instead of "every MORN." That's too funny because I don't even have any children! But the typo fits many of you out there so maybe it was just meant to be! ;) Jane

  34. My favorite is the Lafayette, the colors just play so well together and it would go with just about anything from a basic tee to a little black dress!!!

  35. and lastly, I pinned the lafayette into my "things I want" board because when my husband asks me what I want for a specific occasion, I always refer him there!! :)

    Have a great weekend Amanda!

  36. Hi Amanda!
    I love reading your blog and just pinned you on my board 'go-to gift ideas'. Of course, this would be a go-to-myself gift idea!
    Love them all, and I think the Lafayette would be the most like my style.

  37. Love these – especially the Wilmington….pinned to my 'cute clothes & jewelry board' and signed up to follow via email since BlogLovin has been acting up for me recently!

  38. I like the Lafayette the best, although it was a tough decision! Great blog and great style!

  39. My favorite is the Tybee!

    What a perfect addition for my spring attire!

    I've pinned to Pinterest!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  40. I am already a follower! Love your blog and the Tybee and Wilmington are my favorites. I get to use my aunt's lovely beach home on spring break this year and would love to leave one of these in her bathroom when I leave for a surprise thank you!

  41. I'm a long time follower. I pinned the Tybee ( my fav) on my Fashion board on Pinterest:)) I adore them all but the Tybee is def my fav!!

  42. I am a faithful follower, I pinned the picture of all of the necklaces, and I love the Wilmington. I also think that a coral bead would complement the collection :) -Chelsea

  43. I am a faithful follower, I pinned the picture of all of the necklaces, and I love the Wilmington. I think that a coral beaded necklace would complement the collection :)


  44. I found your blog via MonogramsNMud and I adore following your blog daily. You are adorable and your home is so "my style" so I love following your projects. You have the sweetest little as well :)

  45. I love all of them, but it is a toss up between The Lafeyette and The Wilmington as to which is my favorite!

  46. Hi Amanda! Of course I follow your blog!! Your the jumpstart to my day!


  47. I pinned “The Lafayette”! I love them all and would be thrilled with any of these beauties!

  48. If I win I would choose the Lafayette. We are finally taking a "real" vacation to Myrtle Beach this summer and I think this would be the perfect accessory!

  49. I'm a faithful follower of your blog and enjoy it so very much!
    I pinned the "Layfayette" to my board and that is my favorite!

  50. Love your blog! Have followed it for a couple of years and it always makes me smile! I have no idea which necklace I would choose as they are all so lovely! :)

  51. I'm torn really I like the Wilmington and the tabby. but I think I would luv to see a multi colored one with different sized and shaped beads.

  52. I came across your blog when planning our recent Disney Cruise. You are so creative. Thank you for sharing your ideas and so southern lifestyle with us! All of the oyster necklaces are amazingly beautiful.

  53. I am a Midwest girl with the love of Southern things. I follow your blog and when I travel to your "neck of the woods", I visit your recommendationsand have yet to be disappointed. I would love to own The Wilmimgton necklace. I adore statement necklaces and believe it would become a favored piece. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  54. I am a Midwest girl with the love of Southern things. When I traveltravel to your "neck of the woods" I visit your recommendations and have yet to be disappointed. I would love to own The Wilmington. I adore statement necklaces and believe it would become a favored piece.

  55. They are all beautiful , but I love the Wilmington the most.
    I already follow your blog and love it.
    I am pinning the wilmington to my pinterest board " my style -pinterest name BrendaLynch

  56. Hi Amanda. I follow your blog. I I live in PA, but I'm southern at heart! I love your mother's necklaces. She has so much talent. I like all the necklaces and can think of tops and dresses to coordinate with all of them!

  57. These are gorgeous necklaces, but I would be interested to see how black beads would look with the oyster shell. I think black and white is such a classic look and think it would be a great combination.

  58. I follow and I pinned the LaFayette. Love them all! You come from very talented genes! your home is stunning–thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  59. Love, love THe Wilmington and The Tybee! Makes me so eager for spring! I am a loyal follower and draw a lot of home decor inspiration from your ideas. These necklaces would look great in coral also!!

  60. I don't "pin" but loyally read your blog and am inspired by your beautiful rooms! I'm a Midwesterner so I'm not very familiar with seeing Oyster shells/coastal design, but I really like it! I love the Tybee for summer!

  61. The Wilmington is my fav-pinned it to my oyster decor board in Pinterest . Would love to see it with the shell turned the other way. Already follow your blog-love it!

  62. Hi, Amanda! I follow your blog! :) Love hearing about your boys as they are the same age difference of my boys, but each just a year younger than yours. Love brothers!! :) Love being a mama to brothers! ;) Thanks for this giveaway! Christine W.

  63. Ewwww I love the Wilmington & the Tybee. I can just see them with a spring/summer outfit & a sun kissed tan.

    I follow your blog & love it.

    I pinned to Pinterest.

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