runDisney Princess Expo {Girl’s Trip 2014}

Aside from loads of beach sittin’ and hammock swayin’, the feature events of our trip centered around the runDisney Princess Half Marathon weekend.  We spent a good deal of time at the ESPN Wide World of Sports race expo, snapping pics, sampling the goods, shopping and such.  It was so much fun that we went not just once, but twice – the first time on official  business and the second time to SHOP!

photo 2 (15) photo 5 (11) Like any good princesses, we walked the red carpet and were greeted by Cindy’s footmen.  So fun!!  I mean, Disney thinks of everything.   photo 3 (13)   photo 4 (12)   disney20144 I’m sure y’all already know this, but I am probably the least athletic person you will ever meet.  Seeing my name on a race bib for the first time was a pretty amazing experience.  I know it was only a 5k and I didn’t train at all for it, but it was kind of a major moment.  And the darling t-shirt didn’t hurt either :-)   photo 1 (14)      photo 3 (15) We sampled all sorts of things and enjoyed shopping the booths.  My very favorite finds were these two tanks by Raw Threads.  It was SO hard to decide between all of their darling Disney inspired shirts.  I finally settled on Cinderella (because she’s my forever favorite) and Aurora (because it was pink.)  I mean, feast your eyes on these…   photo 4 (9) photo 5 (8) And then, after much anticipation, I was one of the lucky few that walked away with a pair of the limited edition runDisney Cinderella shoes.  I couldn’t love them more if I tried.  I die at the satin ribbon laces (they also came with regular yellow laces for more practical people I suppose).  The details on them are amazing… they sparkle and are lined with glass slipper fabric.  Who knew I could actually love a running shoe?!?!   runDisney New Balance shoes   With a 4 a.m. wake up call (gulp), we headed off to bed pretty early for a good night’s rest before race day!!!


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12 thoughts on “runDisney Princess Expo {Girl’s Trip 2014}

  1. We might be heading to the Disney/ESPN sports center this summer with my daughter's field hockey team. I have a feeling I am going to have to email you because I already have a ton of questions!

    Love the way Disney thins of everything and makes a 5k magical!

  2. How fun! I was very athletic in high school with cheering and tennis, but now I'm not athletic at all! However I'm sure I could run really well in a pair of those amazing Cinderella running shoes! I have told myself I would love to participate in a few 5k's, maybe the Princess run should be in my list!

  3. What have you done with my friend, Amanda? She does not even know what a 5K is (actually to her it is $5,000) nor does she care about running tanks and shoes!!!! ;) Kidding, congrats on your first race – let me know when your next Disney race is and I am in! Cinderella half next year? or a fall race? XOXO

  4. Will the real Amanda please stand up. I think that an imposter wrote this post about running! True, she was a cheerleader throughout high school, and danced on pointe in many productions, but she was never, ever a runner!

  5. So Fun! I went also. I live in Jersey and my sister lives in Florida. I met her there and we did our first 10K. We did a lot of damage at the expo! $$$$$ I also scored the Cinderella New Balance sneakers. It was a great time. We are addicted and will be back next year! Congrats on your 5k!

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