Valentine’s Dinner + Dance 2014

This year I had the supreme pleasure of being escorted to the club’s annual Valentine’s Dinner & Dance by not just one but three of the handsomest, kindest and hysterical gentlemen I know.  The baby did the honor of helping me into my lovely wrist corsage and coat and then we were off.

February 2014 168


Dinner was delish…

February 2014 185c

February 2014 172

February 2014 223

…but it was the dancing that made the night so unforgettable!  We had so much fun moving to everything from the YMCA to Gangnam Style, the limbo, the train and cupid shuffle, but it was taking turns with my littles on the slow songs that made me want to just freeze time.  

February 2014 179

February 2014 181

February 2014 210 
February 2014 236

February 2014 212
 February 2014 193

February 2014 225

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February 2014 232

Somehow I even managed to drag Honey along for the fun.  With the “season” of weddings so far behind us, I can’t remember the last time I got him out on the dance floor until tonight.

February 2014 243

Pinch me because I must be the luckiest gal in the world.

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dinner + Dance 2014

  1. What a fun evening! I love that you were able to celebrate as a family. I love seeing little ones get the opportunity to use their "manners" at a beautiful dinner, and then have fun hitting the dance floor. You look adorable too!!

  2. I love that 1st pic of you (and your hair…it looked wonderful) with Cookie placing the corsage on your wrist. And the one of you and John, and you and W…I could go on and on. Marme

  3. Well, I won't pinch you but I would give you a hug cuz you and your family are so danged cute! It looks like you had a WONDERFUL time and now you have captured it forever in a picture post memory! xo Diana

  4. Your mommy heart must have been bursting with joy being doted on by all 3 of your "boys". Wonderful memories to look back on when our little sweethearts aren't so sweet?

  5. You look darling, with a charming, vintage feel! Too, too cute and I am crazy over your wrist corsage! Adorable!

    Jane ~ SD

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