Mickey Waffles

I was so excited to come across the Classic Mickey Waffle Maker
for $5 cheaper than I had ever seen it before on Amazon.  I promptly ordered it up (thank you bestie S for the Prime shipping) and could hardly wait to turn out some Mickey waffles at home.

Well, the baby laid eye on it the day it arrived and insisted that it was his birthday gift to me.  That works just fine :-)  Honey fired it up Sunday  morning and it was Mickey waffles around the horn!!!  A strawberry bow on mine was the perfect finishing touch.

March 2014 049 copy

The waffle maker itself seems sturdy and well made.  We used our favorite bisquick heart healthy waffle mix and followed the instructions for the waffle iron.  We overfilled the first one but the rest came out perfectly.  I will say that they are less like waffles and more like pancakes in their thickness.  I foresee many more Mickey waffles in our future!!!  How fun is that?!?!

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11 thoughts on “Mickey Waffles

  1. You know that you are going to be using this a long, long time! My children are 24 and 25 years old, working adults. We just returned from Disneyworld last week. They have probably been there between 15 and 20 times in their lives and would go again tomorrow if invited. They eat a Mickey waffle every morning for breakfast there and we have a Mickey waffle maker at home too that we use occasionally. My daughter and I always enjoy reading your Disney related posts (and the other posts too). Your kids have no idea what wonderful parents they have! They are truly blessed!

  2. We are huge Disneyworld fans in our house too (BTW, I love your Disney posts)! One of our favorite things at WDW are the Mickey waffles, of course :) We just bought this waffle maker at Christmas time and we use it constantly! It's like having a little Disneyworld at home:)

  3. What's Marme up to?! Can't wait to see!

    That strawberry bow makes me craaaazy!

    Jane ~ San Diego. :)

  4. We have this same waffle maker. We use it all of the time. :) Our favorite part is the ears! Sometimes we'll just make the ears. LOL. Enjoy!

  5. Oh my, I have always wanted one of these! Will need to purchase now for my sweet grandson!

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