Peter Burlap Tail

Well, the first day of Spring came (and went leaving more cold temps behind) and I finally got some decent plants in my pots and my entry all decked out for Easter!! 

March 2014 332 copy

I picked up the luscious maiden hair ferns at Miracle Greenhouse in Savannah.  And I totally said a little prayer before handing over my credit card that I wouldn’t kill them.  I added a few petunias and am anxiously awaiting the sweet potato vines to make their debut in the nursery.  I can’t even kill those.

March 2014 332 cop2y 
Mother made the darling “Peter Burlap Tail” door hanger out of screens using the same method from her shamrocks

March 2014 334 copy

I dug my metal bunnies out of the bowels of the attic and dressed them up with some crisp white bows.  I purchased these years ago from Love Street in Smyrna and have forgotten to pull them out since we lived in our old house.

March 2014 333 copy 
I also just had to share my Mt. Hood daffodils!!  (Just don’t look too closely at the mess of pinecones, depleted pinestraw and struggling azaleas.)  I threw them in the ground last fall and was SO incredibly excited to see their smiling faces pop up this week.  As soon as the grass greens up we will freshen up the beds.

March 2014 335 copy

Happy Spring, y’all!!!  This is one winter to which I am thrilled to bid farewell.

9 thoughts on “Peter Burlap Tail

  1. That bunny is SUPER adorable! Y'all should sell these screen creations (unstuffed) in your Etsy shop (pretty, pretty please!) – I'd totally buy the shamrock, bunny & crab. No lie! :-) Love your Spring-y entry – and definitely with you on bidding winter farewell! xo

  2. Love Peter Burlap Tail. Your mother did a great job, but then again, I'd expect nothing less. She is so talented. I am dying to dig in the dirt, but haven't yet…1) afraid we'll get another cold snap, and 2) we are replacing our windows and having our house painted soon. Don't wait my painters trampling all the new plants!
    Hope you have a wonderful spring break! Hopefully the weather will be nice for you.

  3. Your entry looks mighty springy! I'm just so crazy about your Petter Burlap tail that your clever Mom made! It's just adorable and so are your other bunnies, sure like the metal look. Oh my, your daffodils are really pretty, they don't grow down in our area, tooooo hot! But, I do love them!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Oh- It IS looking like Spring at your house. Would you believe we barely got above freezing today and we still have a lot of snow on the ground. This is awful! xo Diana

  5. Hi Amanda. I saw a program today on HGTV featuring Tybee Is. I stopped to watch because of all your postings. Beautiful. I saw two islands, one on a painting that you gave to John.( I think) I was hoping to be able to recognize some of the shops you talked about. I hope we have warm weather by Easter. Your porch and daffodils are so festive; your Mom's bunny is so cute. Kathleen S.

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