Muppet Mixes Cereal Bar

I don’t know about your littles, but mine have been chomping at the bit to see Muppets Most Wanted!  So it was quite serendipitous when Big G sent us a variety of Muppets Cheerios boxes, recipe cards AND a Fandango gift card to go see the show.  Using the Muppet Mixes suggested on the side of marked Cheerios boxes, Mother and I surprised the littles with a cereal bar and the gift card to kick off the first day of Spring Break in Savannah!!

March 2014 407

March 2014 382 copy

March 2014 389 copy

I created a free printable menu and let the littles go to town with their creations.

March 2014 413 copy

March 2014 401

We even cut the little theater and characters off of the backs of the boxes.  With nary a popsicle stick to be found, plastic forks had to stand in :-)

March 2014 405

Needless to say, the breakfast was a huge hit!!  As expected, they went off the menu for their second bowls, calling their creations things like the Weirdly Delicious Wocka Wocka.  And heading off to the movie to see the show was the icing on the cake!!  We even brought Ampa along for the fun!!  The PCP proclaimed it his second favorite movie ever and Cookie made me promise to take him to “Muppets number two when it comes out.”

You can download the Muppet Mixes menu here…

Stay tuned for the rest of our Spring Break adventures!!!  Mother helped me plan a jam packed calendar of non stop fun :-)  You can find the Hello, Cereal lovers website here and Facebook page here.

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8 thoughts on “Muppet Mixes Cereal Bar

  1. Oh- How cute! LOVE your Muppets cereal bar. The 3 grandgirls are staying with us for the weekend. This morning the 11 year old got up and said- I found a recipe for crepes on All Recipes. Let's make those. She had already checked to make sure we had ALL the ingredients. lol So THAT is what we had! xo Diana

    1. Darling! I guess the difference in my boys is that they wake up and decide we should go alligator stalking or geocaching. I'd do a happy dance if they wanted to make crepes :-)

  2. What fun! I loved the muppets growing up. Sounds like the first day of Spring Break was awesome for the boys. Loving seeing a few more snippets of your sweet momma's home!

  3. Hi SB, I saw your comment, and thanks………..those are very nice bowls! Actually they were Amanda's sister's bowls, and when they moved a couple of years ago, she gave them to me. They are "the cellar" made for federated department stores, which means they came from Macy's in Atlanta when it was called Rich's. They remind me of Butler's Pantry, though. I am answering this for Amanda, because I know that she is on Spring Break, and probably does not remember the story about those bowls. She also has a set…I think they both bought them at the same time, years ago.

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