I have been meaning to share this sweater hanging technique with y’all forever.  I ran across it over a year ago and it revolutionized my closet.  Genius!!  Speaking of closets, I switched mine out for spring on Sunday when it was 80 degrees.  And then last night I had to cover all of my new plants due to the sub freezing temps.  Nothing says spring like frozen pollen on your windshield.

Avoid Hanger Bumps When Hanging Sweaters

I’ve been doing a little fluffing for our Easter festivities this weekend.  We have a packed Friday and Saturday so I think we are just going to do a laid back little egg hung and lunch on Sunday after mass.  These will grace the buffet.
photo 1 (6)

The littles have finished up their PSR (parish school of religion) lessons for the year.  The PCP carried this darling “palm frond” home from his last class and Easter party. 

photo 2 (6)

Georgia Crafted has put together this amazing Mother’s Day gift box.  For less than $35, I think it makes for a pretty awesome gift.  And easy to boot!!

The second graders performed a musical revue all about Hats (yes, hats) last week.  It was a slight improvement over the Recycling performance of yore.  Seriously, who comes up with these things?!?!   I can’t for the life of me figure out why his school packs us in a space that is barely suitable for half of those attending and then tortures us with these terrible music shows each year.  Next year I’ll get to attend TWO…

photo 1 (5) 
The baby carried home the game ball last weekend.  He wasn’t thrilled that I interrupted his snack to take his picture.  I love that face…

photo 3 (5)

Honey speed read Divergent over Spring Break and his mama came over to sit with the littles Sunday night so that we could catch the flick.  It was SO good!!!  Of course, some of the background context and violence (PG13) was left out, but overall we thought it was pretty true to the book. 

And I finally took the littles to see The Nut Job at the dollar theater.  I might have fallen asleep for a few minutes, which made it well worth the $3 I paid for our admission.

We’ve got baseball practice for one and a game for the other tonight.  I hope the 65 degrees they are promising really pans out after last night’s freeze. 

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11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Thanks for sharing the sweater folding technique. Genius! This weather is crazy!!! I was happy to see warmer temps and sunshine after Bible study this morning.

  2. Thanks for all the info and updates. You always make me laugh. The hat program made me laugh! Seriously, of all the cute kid programs out there they come up with hats (LOL). One thing is for sure, no one will forget it in years to come :). Have a wonderful Easter!!

  3. I know the shows may be hard to sit through, but the music teachers work so hard with the kids to get that accomplished. Sometimes they have to follow the curriculum themes of the grade level as well. Your son looks so thrilled to be wearing the hat. These days of little shows will pass all too soon.

  4. I'm clicking on the Georgia Crafted link immediately! We woke to an inch of snow yesterday. Fortunately it is all gone today.

  5. Thank you for the sweater tip—loved it so much I tweeted it( credit via you :))– one of my favorite books from the last year was _lessons from Madame Chic_ have you read it? Love the blog, and your decor style–thanks!

  6. The Nut Job was one of the most painful to watch children's movies I've seen. Can anyone explain the completely random gangham style dance at the end?

  7. Tech? Nice =]

    I'm going to try and utilize this folding technique, needed a new way to hang my sweaters. Though if this Georgia weather keeps heating up then I might just have to box them away.

    Carolyn | BLOG

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