Our Easter

We enjoyed a lovely and relaxed Easter at home with Mother, Daddy-O and Sister’s family. 

April 2014 322

April 2014 328

After mass, the littles were anxious to hunt down their baskets that the bunny hid the night before.

  April 2014 333

And just as soon as Bird and CeeCee arrived, the backyard egg hunt was ON!!

April 2014 339
April 2014 341
April 2014 344
April 2014 346
April 2014 348
They poured through all of their eggs, finding some pretty awesome things like dollar bills and hot wheel cars in the extra lucky ones.  The Easter bunny brought the dads Savannah Bourbon and Sister and I darling monogrammed tees and cute chain bracelets.

April 2014 352
April 2014 387

April 2014 355
We had a casual lunch on the porch, which was perfect with the beautiful weather.  Mother and I worked like dogs to get it all de-pollinated.

April 2014 359

We had cheddar jalapeno crackers, regular and truffled deviled eggs, dilled potato salad, ham and swiss sammies and salad with Daddy-O’s homemade dressing.  YUM!!

April 2014 357

Sister dazzled us all with her dolled up Piece of Cake caramel cake.  OH MY.  SO yummy!  And, of course, there were Bunny-tinis to go around.

April 2014 358

April 2014 338 
We literally spent the rest of the afternoon playing and snoozing (the men).  The littles played straight through to sundown in the yard.

April 2014 363
    April 2014 376
April 2014 382

I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter Sunday. 

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20 thoughts on “Our Easter

  1. What a beautiful family! I will always cherish the many great moments with y'all. I would LOVE a cocktail on that porch. Miss y'all! xo

  2. What a lovely day with family! Love all sweet pictures. Your dress is gorgeous. We chose to eat indoors because our porch is still a hot mess with all the pollen and we are all still sniffling from allergies. Will be so glad when it is gone!!! CeeCee and those bows, so adorable. And, your sister's cake looks amazing.

  3. It was so lovely and pretty! Your dress is fabulous and we have to see those tees! Sister's cake this year was delightful!! I couldn't wait to see what she did. :)

    We had a joyful day when our annual "pool ducklings" arrived on Easter morning! There were eleven this year! We escorted them down the street, where the golf course leads to the lake. It made for another darling (at times, stressful!) journey but what an Easter Parade it was!

    Enjoy a beautiful spring! Your boys look so big now!

    Jane ~ San Diego

  4. I have enjoyed reading Dixie Delights so much. You are such a talented lady. I love everything you do. Honey and I go way back to his days in ECB and on the hill at WHS. My son and he were teammates for many years. Say hello to your mum-in-law. Keep up the wonderful work.Kathy Massengill

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