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I went back to the ortho this morning for a check in on my ankle.  And while the prognosis isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, I’m headed in the right direction and am good with the news.  I left with a plan to gradually build up a return to my normal level of activity while wearing the brace for the next six weeks.  I can do my errands and start running again (5 minutes to start, adding 1 minute every other day with a rest day in between).  On top of that, I also start four weeks of physical therapy tomorrow and am supposed to keep icing it 3 times a day.  But, I’m going to be moving again and that is AWESOME!  I want to sincerely thank all of you for your kind words, prayers and support over the last six weeks.  I also couldn’t have survived without Honey, his mama, my family and our friends.  They fed us some of the most delicious meals and I was treated to countless lunches at home with you girls.  I didn’t get to photograph them all, but we pretty much ate like kings.  On top of the ankle, over the last two weeks both littles have had the stomach bug and I have had BOTH the stomach bug and strep throat.  Here’s to hoping ALL of that is behind us.  When I started throwing up I couldn’t help but think of the line from The Devil Wears Prada… “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”  I’m looking pretty skinny right now.  Anyone up for the pool?!?!  LOL   photo 3 (5)   photo 4 (3)   photo 5 (2)   When I took the baby in to the DR when he had the stomach bug (I thought it might be strep), we sit down in the office and I realize he had on two different shoes.  The story of my life these last six weeks…   photo 1 (6)   On to brighter topics, the baby made this darling poster for his pre-k graduation.  He’s a boy after my own heart, that kid.  Waffle House, Disney and Georgia Tech…a few of my favorite things too!    May 2014 210 Sister and Mother painted the inside of this corner cabinet in her breakfast room and she decked it out with her Oysteria collection.  I’m smitten!   photo 1 (4) The PCP carried this note to us home from school.  This is what being parents is all about…  be still, my heart.   photo 2 (4)   We celebrated Honey’s birthday out with my family at our traditional hibachi supper.  This one was looking terribly cute and her cousins couldn’t get enough of her, as always…     photo 2 (5) photo 3 (4)   My Mother’s Day roses are still kicking.  So pretty!!  Thank you sweet friend P for the lovely vase. photo 2 (6)      We celebrated our anniversary at Nori Nori sushi buffet.  I know what you’re thinking… I was thinking the same thing.  Honey had heard about it from a few people and was dying to go.  It was pretty tasty and was super crowded.  I did get the stomach bug the next day but I’m thinking that was unrelated.  Right?!?!   photo 1 (7) photo 2 (7) Well, hello smartie pants.  If I didn’t see the baby’s name atop this paper I would have thought it had slipped out of the PCP’s bag.  Mastering subtraction in pre-K…. I’m impressed :-) photo 3 (3)   We’ve got new neighbors moving in next door and I spent an immensely delightful day watching all their things roll off the truck.  Is that bad??  From the looks of things, I don’t think they have kids.  booooo.  We were hoping for nice little playmates!   photo 3 (6) John has been carrying home these sweet little notes from classmates over the last week or so.  This is just half of them.  All from little girls in his class.  These are keepers for SURE.   photo 4 (4) The PCP’s teacher had us each write a love letter at the beginning of the school year so that she could get to know and fall in love with the students in her class.  Much to my surprise and delight, she returned the favor by sending home love letters of her own.  John already treasures this letter from his second grade teacher!   May 2014 463 copy Finally, the littles have kicked off their inaugural season of summer swim team.  I was beside myself when they agreed to do it, as no amount of pleading, bribing or cajoling had convinced them in prior years.    photo 5 (3) With that, we’re winding down the school year and gearing up for SuMmEr!!!! xoxo

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12 thoughts on “Ankle Update + Musings

  1. Does that little note on top say, "And that's an order!?!" HA! I would tell him to look out for that one, but being that I am a bossy wife myself, I can't fault her. :) I'm so glad y'all are on the mend. We had the bug TWICE at our house. Seriously. Clorox everything that you might have touched. Everything. Hoping you can start your running again soon! I *think* I am going to sign myself up for the Princess Half in February next year. Eeeek!

  2. Happy to hear the news about your ankle – I know you are thrilled to be "going" again, even if still a bit limited! Whit is going to take K by storm, that note from John – be still my heart! – and the one from his teacher… just precious! I've always wanted our boys o do swim team, but alas, swimmers they are not. Can't WAIT for summer! xo

  3. So glad you are on the road to recovery Amanda!! And what special people you are blessed with in your life…from Honey to the kiddos to extended family and friends. What would we do without them!

  4. As awesome as John is, he has indeed been blessed having had such a wonderful teacher! Mrs. B sounds like the kind of teacher we all wish for our children. There is not enough money in the world to compensate such a person!

  5. Glad to hear you're on the mend! You're just in time for summer break :)
    Please do tell what that yummy looking soup stuff is in the first picture!!!!

  6. So glad to hear that you will be mobile again soon. I love seeing all the wonderful letters that your precious little one brought home. It reminded me of something that I did for my twins when they started Kindergarten and it was a huge hit when they graduated from high school. I bought each a copy of Dr, Seuess' book, 'Oh the Places you'll Go' and each year From K-12 without the boys knowing it I asked the special people in their lives (teachers, coaches, religious leaders) to write on a designated page. We gave these treasures to them on the day of their graduation. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when they read all of the pages.
    Would you mind asking your Mother or Sister what the name of the color is that they painted inside of the cabinet?
    Love your Blog!!!

  7. So glad you are slowing getting free of your ankle boot and I know you are counting the days until you are finally free! All that AND you manage to stay on top of it all! Bless your heart for getting the nasty stomach bug and strep! Glad that ship has passed! I love, love, love hearing about the boys and all their accomplishments – they are a true reflection of your and your honey for sure! Blessings to you, Amanda!

  8. So glad your ankle is better and you are on the mend. And what a wonderful letter from John's teacher! That's one for the scrapbook for sure! Happy Thursday!
    Julia from SC

  9. For Martha Barron:

    We used Annie Sloan chalk paint in the color French Linen. No wax was needed since it's inside the cabinet.


  10. So happy to hear you are on the mend and up and about. We were actually at the ortho with #2 when you posted this. He won't do surgery just yet. She is a bit bummed. Yes, surgery is a big deal, but when you are dealing with constant pain for 3 years when doing anything impact related (or standing for prolonged periods of time) it sounds like a good option. She is just going to grin and bear it until she can no longer. Love all the updates!!!

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