Summer Style Soiree {Audrey Hepburn}

The second annual Summer Style Soiree is here and is kicking off with the enviable Audrey Hepburn!!  I’ve always been mesmerized by Mother’s tales of her own childhood.  One of my fondest and most vivid childhood memories is of her reverently sharing with me her Roman Holiday Barbie.  How she loved and treasured that doll was palpable.  And so I loved and treasured her too.  When I happened on the movie as an adult, I couldn’t turn my eyes away.  Such a beautiful film with so many things to admire!  Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann in that ball gown is to this day one of the must stunning things I’ve ever seen. 

And since we’re kicking off the Summer Style Soiree with Audrey Hepburn herself, I immediately knew that I wanted to design a room inspired by that very gown.

This was such a delightful little project for me. While I haven’t decided if my room is for a child, a teen, an adult or a guest, I have decided that I could move right in!!  The delicate pink bedding gorgeously illustrates the gown, the crystal chandelier and venetian mirror alludes to her glittering jewels, the vintage alabaster and marble lamps portrays her signature pearls and fair skin, and the dark furniture grounds the room in a manner similar to her dark features.


bedding  |  mirror  |  bed  |  chandelier  |  rug  |  dresser  |  drapery
paint ~ ben moore clay beige  |  lamps ~ vintage alabaster & marble

Now, the really fun part is that, starting tomorrow morning, YOU are invited to link up your creations as well!!  This inspiration can be applied to anything as long as it ties back to the style icon- think fashion, table settings, home interiors, DIY, crafts, entertaining, recipes- the possibilities are endless! 

Summer Style Soiree 2014 Invite

Your hosts will be sharing their Audrey inspired posts over the next two days as well…

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“I believe in pink!!!”

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  1. Amanda-
    I've always wondered how to do an idea board/room mock up like that. Is it just simple cutting and pasting, or is there a program that does it?

  2. If only we had daughters, right? :) If only to be able to decorate with pink! :) Love this adorable sophisticated room! Thanks for joining the Summer Style Soiree fun!

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