A Little Bit of Everything

After a lovely iced coffee al fresco with bestie E, I biked back to the house to find everyone geared up for another pool and beach day.  On the way, the girls in the group made a pit stop for Posh Sicles.  I shared by banana cashew cream dipped in chocolate with CeeCee and darned if she didn’t eat all the chocolate off of it.  That baby knows the good life.

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Back at the pool it was all fun games…

July 2014 347  July 2014 350

July 2014 355

After lunch at the house we hit the beach for a little boogie boarding.  The waves were wild and the littles adored it!  We spent a little more time with bestie E and her sweet family too!!  And when a little rain blew through it was the perfect excuse to hit Sugar Shak.  Again :-)

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We headed out to dinner at another family favorite – La Cocina.

July 2014 358

July 2014 359

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July 2014 372

And afterwards we stuck around for the music on the green and the “Sour Flusher” candy that the littles hunt high and low for each and every summer.  If you will recall, this is the same mini toilet that we caught the baby trying to use in the back seat on the way home last year.  Yeah, that happened.

July 2014 387

July 2014 385
  July 2014 390

Part of our bike brigade.  Have I mentioned how much we adore parking our car on arrival on Saturday and taking bikes everywhere we need to go for the next week?  Sister and I did trikes this year and they were perfect for carting beach and pool gear.

July 2014 378
The hot tub is calling my  name …

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8 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. So glad you all had such a wonderful time. Looks like the weather cleared up by mid week. Such a beautiful family. Many memories were made that is for sure.

  2. Your family epitomizes southern charm and class, with a great sense of humor. Best photo of the day (besides the wonderful group one)? It's a toss-up. Adorably bedecked, sun-kissed wrist, holding a perfect pineapple margarita? Or beachy blue, candy stained fingers, holding a sour, candy toilet?! It's always delightful reading! I love your blog!!!

    Jane ~ San Diego

  3. We are headed to Rosemary soon (literally days) and would love a post (or email) on all your favorite, must-do things!! I want to live vicariously through you!! he he! xoxo, Emily

  4. Just found your blog. Love it! What a wonderful family. Your mother is gorgeous!! Cathy

  5. Amanda,
    Could you share the name of a few of the places you all have stayed while in Rosemary? I hate to pick a place blindly. We are planning a trip to Rosemary in the fall. Thanks ever so much!

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