Rainy Rosemary

Our first full day at the beach was pretty dreary but we made the most of it – running outside every time there was a ray of sunshine.  I ran the strip of 30A between Rosemary and Alys beaches and it was such a wonderful diversion from my usual routes.  Although I felt like I had whip last from rubbernecking as I ran past all the lovely beach houses.

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All of the littles were excited to finally see Planes Fire & Rescue.  We promised them it would happen during beach week but didn’t figure it would be quite so soon.  Afterwards Cookie and Bird begged to go by Target to see if they could find Firefighter Dusty’s and I was all to happy to get a real toy for the kid (as opposed to more Pokemon cards.)

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We love love love that our house this year has a big fenced backyard and a hot tub.  We’ve already logged quite a few dips, laughs and drinks in just two days.  And we all are still laughing that Honey packed a cooler to take to the back yard.

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We biked to the new Donut Hole for din din.  Everyone agreed that it was yummmmmmyyyyy!!  They serve breakfast, sandwiches and a few salads all day long and the donut and dessert cases are pretty mouth watering.  We brought home a key lime pie for Sister’s birthday.

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Since we all returned home in a food coma, it was pretty much the end of the evening.  Much more beach fun to come…

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9 thoughts on “Rainy Rosemary

  1. Enjoy your time on 30A! My husband and I love taking day trips to Rosemary Beach, everything about it is gorgeous! We haven't stopped by the new Donut Hole yet, maybe I'll tell the hubby to take me on Sunday :) Enjoy your week! You and your Honey should enjoy a date night at the Pearl restaurant and George's is a must for lunch! Stinky's fish camp is really good too, but it is on the opposite end of ThirtyA but expect a long wait if you go! They have great seafood :)

  2. Have a great time and I hope you have some clear skies soon to enjoy the beach. I love the new Donut Hole in 98/30A. Less lines than the one in Destin.

  3. Stayed down the road from you at Seagrove beach in early June. Loved biking on 30A through all the beach towns.

    We went to the new Donut Hole on our last day there. Amazing breakfast!
    We ate at several larger, fancier restaurants but hands down the best dinner meal we had was at JC's Seafood House in Seagrove. It a smaller, non-descript restaurant but don't judge a book by its cover. The stuffed shrimp was out of this world good border-line gourmet. Read the Tripadvisor reviews for yourself. Have a great trip and hope the weather improves!

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