Star Spangled Fourth

After all of the early week car and bat drama, we were exhausted but so happy to see the fourth roll around.  We spent the day at the pool with great friends and then hosted our fifth annual Independence Day Low Country Boil!!  The weather here was just perfection – a light breeze and high in the low eighties.  I enjoyed myself SO much that I failed to take any pictures at the soiree.  I just have a few random out-takes to share…


June 2014 400 copy

June 2014 389 copy

July 2014 023
July 2014 025 
July 2014 030
July 2014 031
July 2014 032
July 2014 034

June 2014 406 copy

  July 2014 036
photo 3 (2)
photo 4

June 2014 414 copy

June 2014 411 copy

photo 5

June 2014 385 copy

July 2014 037
  July 2014 039
July 2014 040

It was a relaxed and fun evening spent celebrating our great freedoms with friends and family!!

Happy Birthday, America!

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10 thoughts on “Star Spangled Fourth

  1. That CeeCee………….I could just eat her up and pinch those cheeks! Everything looked perfect!
    Love, Marme

  2. Best picture, hands DOWN, is that sweet baby girl in her smocked bubble and cowgirl boots. You are KIDDING. She is so stinkin' CUTE. I need a baby girl.

  3. CeeCee steals the show!! That baby needs her own blog. She is precious!!! I need your sister to sell me that bubble so my little punkin can wear it next year. Love it! Looks like things are getting back to normal at your house. Hope this weeks is a little quieter.

    1. from sister… CeeCee's Flag Smocked Bubble came from Smocked Auctions. They have sales on FB and on IG and a website for anytime shopping…

      Looks like they are sold out of the Flag Smocked Bubble, but they have lots of other ruffle bottom bubbles right now on sale for $20. I will be selling my 18 month bubble in a couple of weeks when we get back from the beach. I saw someone commented saying they wanted it…Elizabeth Walker. If she really does want it, she can have first dibs. $17 shipped. You can put her in touch with me thru IG or FB.

  4. Fun! I would love to put together a low country boil sometime. Cee Cee is so adorable!! Everything looked so festive. Glad you were able to celebrate and have a good time after last weeks ordeal!!

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